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Girl Guides teach dangerous lesson

By Brent Stafford, The Duel

There will be no trips south for the Girl Guides of Canada. (Postmedia Network file photo)

There will be no trips south for the Girl Guides of Canada. (Postmedia Network file photo)


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For resistance to manifest revolution, leaders prime the young with propaganda and pious notions of self-righteous virtue. Inculcating the young is a revolutionary priority and the recent decision by the Girl Guides of Canada to suspend trips to the U.S. is another lesson in a program to mould today’s youth into tomorrow’s foot soldiers, for the war against authentic liberalism.

What exactly is being taught to the current crop of young people in the Girl Guides? Note, I reference girls only in context of the organization’s title. Despite its explicit meaning, the Girl Guides now accept members of the opposite sex — transgender to be imprecise.

Tolerance and diversity are the key tenants of the resistance program, taught not only in Girl Guides, but to Canadian kids throughout the land. What’s wrong with this? The consequence of tolerance is intolerance towards those with differing opinions. This leads to coercion and conflict — now unfolding in response to U.S. President Donald Trump’s election.

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With regards to Trump’s travel ban, the president is only delivering on the promises which got him elected. It is a terrible lesson to teach our youth that a free and democratic vote is illegitimate.

No person from an alien nation has a right of any kind to enter another. And, if the country of entry is under threat of attack, which the United States is, then it has every right to screen visitors in whatever manner it chooses to identify, detain or deny entry. Any protest regarding President Trump’s 90-day travel ban is simply left-based hysteria designed to incite hate and division.

It’s also quite odious to teach that a country is akin to evil if it executes its sovereign right to govern its own borders. Of course, the revolution seeks the destruction of all borders, so it makes perfect sense for the Stalinist leaders of today’s youth to teach otherwise. In Karl Marx’s day, the revolutionary motto was “workers of the world unite.” Today, it’s not about class, it’s about ethnicity — multiculturals of the world unite!

The most important lesson not being taught is that the pursuit of the common good leads to terror and atrocity. The effort to perfect humanity and eradicate inequity invariably leads to the eradication of humanity. Social justice backed by virtue were the ideals for which Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot and Maximilien Robespierre supposedly fought. For these men, virtue without terror is impotent and terror without virtue is blind.

Brent Stafford is a veteran television producer and marketing specialist. His company ShakyEgg.com works in the brand, entertainment and resource space.