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Arisa Cox has all the latest Big Brother Canada scoop, exclusively for 24 Hours readers. GLOBAL

Arisa Cox has all the latest Big Brother Canada scoop, exclusively for 24 Hours readers. GLOBAL


Miss a week, miss a lot. Here's my exclusive Postmedia rewind and preview before Wednesday and Thursday's episode.

FAVE MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Stripping for food

After the stress of Gary's eviction, the houseguests needed to unwind. What better way than with a party challenge for Karen and Kevin, secretly laid out by Big Brother in the Diary Room. Their goal was to somehow procure seven articles of clothing off the bodies of other houseguests without tipping anyone off to their true intent. If they succeeded, no one would be named a have-not for the week. Karen, who is easily one of the most hilarious personalities in the house, took it seriously. So seriously that she threw her drink all over Dillon to get at his sweatshirt. Karen wasn't smooth at all - and Dillon was dumbfounded. "Why would you do that to me?" he asked earnestly. I just about died laughing. Ultimately, they completed the task to everyone's delight.

STRATEGIC MOVE OF THE WEEK: Who's seducing who?

Season 5 has seen a number of powerful pairs team up - Bruno and Kevin, Ika and Demetres, Emily and Dillon - but there's also a special 'French Connection'between Montreal's Dre and Trois-Rivières' William. While their genuine friendship and language bond have kept them steady targets of powerhouse alliance 'The Six,'their ability to see through b.s. has been amazing to watch. Aside from his ride-or-die Dre, William also has a heavy flirtmance with Kevin, who is on the 'other side'of the house. After William won the Head of Household competition, Kevin assumed he would have control over William's nominations using intimacy. What he didn't know was that both William and Dre were onto him.

By reminding William to guard his heart, Dre made sure that it would be William playing Dre and William Kevin - not the other way around. I would tune in Wednesday to see what these two cunning gamers have up their sleeves next!


These two powerhouses began the game in an alliance, but privately Ika has been gathering forces to take Neda out - as soon as her immunity comes to an end. Ika's role has been to play the middle as a double agent, trading intel between the two sides of the house in order to benefit her and partner Demetres. It's a dangerous, messy, yet thrilling style of play. She'll either flame out in a huge blaze of glory or win the game. After a public spat with her frenemy Neda, Ika practiced her tears on the feeds before delivering a mea culpa, which was designed to quiet Neda's spidey senses. Ika then pulled off an Oscar-worthy performance. Witnessing it live was solid gold feeds!


Thursday night is this season's first double eviction! This means that immediately after the first eviction, an entire week's worth of Big Brother will be played within one episode. A new HOH, nominations will be announced on the spot, a veto comp will be played, a possible replacement nom put up and one more eviction. Whew! It's super exciting and unpredictable. Our fans know we've almost always lost a major player in the double. Don't sleep on that one - it will be explosive!

Big Brother Canada airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT, Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT, and Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Global. Live feeds are available from the Big Brother Canada house on BigBrotherCanada.ca.