39 things students think about while writing their exams

By Raven Nyman

(Chris Ryan/Getty Images)

(Chris Ryan/Getty Images)

Now that final exams are over, we can look back on them with clarity and a bit of humour. Preparing for final examinations of any kind is one of the most stressful experiences for college and university students alike, but writing the exam itself can be pretty stressful, too. Whether it’s performance anxiety or a case of the hiccups, every university student has an exam horror story to share, and we can all join in the immense feelings of relief that accompany the completion of finals. So, without further ado, here are 39 things students think about while writing their exams.

1. How many pens is too many pens?

2. Alright, this isn’t so bad. I got this.

3. Wait a minute…When did we learn this? I didn’t study this!

4. Okay, it’s been quite a while, how much time do we have left? Where are the clocks in this place?

5. If I fail the final exam, can I still pass the course?

6. I shouldn’t have had those three cups of coffee…

7. Great—I wrote on the backside of the paper. Again.

8. And I forgot to double space. I can start now, right?

9. Am I breathing too loudly?

10. If I suck in my stomach really hard maybe no one will be able to hear it growling…

11. What is this question even asking me?

12. Okay, skip it. It’s fine, I’ll totally have time to come back to this one later.

13. I have to pee so bad, but the exam just started!

14. Hold it in, hold it in!

15. It’s fine, I’ll just excuse myself quietly. No one will notice.

16. And I tripped on the way out. No one saw, right?

17. That feels much better. Time to slay this final!

18. Wait, how do you spell that again?

19. “I before E, except after C”.

20. I practiced this at home, I can do it. I just have to remember, just remember.

21. Seriously brain…Why can’t I remember anything?

22. Just skip that question, too. The answer will come back to me later.

23. At least when all of this is over I can go home to sleep.

24. Did I leave my straightener on?

25. Why am I so calm all the sudden? Is this confidence, or is it just too late to worry?

26. Hand cramp!

27. Wait a second, why is she done? How did she finish so fast? Why are all these people leaving? Don’t leave me!

28. If the last four answers have been C, then the next one can’t be C as well. What is this madness?

29. Didn’t someone tell me that Einstein never went to university?

30. I wonder what it’s like to be a dog?

31. So. Hungry. Need. Snacks. Immediately.

32. If I keep my eyes open really wide, maybe I’ll trick my body into forgetting how tired I am…

33. Only five minutes left! Just calm down and write as fast as you can. You’ve got this!

34. Great, my hand is numb.

35. Can everyone see my sweat marks through this shirt?

36. One minute left! What?!

37. Don’t give in, keep scribbling!

38. Hey, that conclusion was actually pretty genius. Maybe I am better under pressure…Way to go, me!

39. Wait, is it finally over?