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Ways to make the move back home smooth

By Raven Nyman

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(Getty Images)

Now that the standard academic year has come to an end, many students find themselves moving out of campus housing to relocate within the city or to move back to their home towns.

Regardless of where and why you’re moving, we all know that the process can be a stressful one, so why not make the transition as easy as possible? This week we’ll outline a few ways to make the move smooth.

When it comes to packing:

1. Start early. During my undergraduate experience, I’ve had to move multiple times each year, since I prefer to spend my summers in my hometown while relocating to the city for the academic year. Thus, I’ve had to master the moving routine and have learned that above all else, starting early will save you a ton of stress. There’s no precise recommendation for when to begin, but I will say this: doing a little each day will add up to make move in day as simple as possible. When it’s time to move out, having your boxes and belongings ready to transport is critical. The last thing you want to be doing is cramming all your packing, organizing, cleaning, loading, and transporting into a single day. Trust me, it’s not fun.

2. Sort it out. Organization will make your move much easier than you’d think. Consider this simple but effective method: pack and sort your belongings by room to avoid chaos and clutter on your moving day. By boxing all of your bathroom items together and labeling that box “bathroom”, you not only do yourself a favour, but you also make the process a whole lot easier for anyone who may be helping you out. You’ll know exactly where to drop your boxes, and so will your helpers.

3. Ask for a helping hand if you need one. Don’t be afraid to approach your family and friends if you need a few extra pairs of hands come moving day. Just remember: if you’re asking for help, be sure to return the favour. Pizza or a case of beer can certainly do the trick to pay your friends back for a day of help.

When it comes to furnishing your new place:

4. Ask around, again. I know I already listed this one, but trust me: it applies to every aspect of a move. I won’t say that you can’t do it alone because I’ve had to many times and I know that it’s most definitely possible. However, I can promise that it will be much faster and enjoyable for you to have a partner, friend, or a few family members helping you transport your belongings—especially if this is a big move. Beyond the move itself, you’ll need to furnish your space once you get settled. Family members will likely have many used items to offer you if you’re looking. As I said, all you have to do is ask, show your gratitude, and be sure to return the favour.

5. Join local buy and sell groups on social media. These groups are gold mines for finding quality, used household items to furnish your new space. Not only can you easily browse for items you’ll need online, but you can also post and share anything you no longer have a use for to make back some of that money you’re spending. Often, sellers are willing to negotiate prices and packages, making social media groups the perfect place for students to save big bucks.

6. Hit the local garage sales. Not all students have the luxury to buy new furniture and household items, which means that we’ve got to be creative and resourceful. Garage sales make that easy, so don’t be afraid to spend a Saturday driving around your new town as you browse and barter. This is especially useful if you’re moving to a new city or town that is unfamiliar to you. Simply grab a local paper and a pen, then start marking any garage sales that advertise the things you’re looking for. You can fill your new space while also getting to know your new area. Remember what we call that? A win-win.

There you have it. Use these simple tips to ensure a smooth move — even if you’re no longer a student. Whether you’re moving onto campus or renting your first apartment, I wish you the best of luck in your adventures.