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24 Minutes with The Boom Booms

By Joe Leary

The Boom Booms. (Supplied Photo)

The Boom Booms. (Supplied Photo)

Soul, funk, Latin, R&B, you name it - The Boom Booms are all that.

Back in the spotlight, both with a new single, All Day All Night, and a long overdue live performance in Downtown Vancouver June 25 at the Georgia Street Stage as part of the Vancouver International Jazz Festival.

Joe Leary spent 24 Minutes with lead vocalist Aaron Ross.

It’s been a couple of years since we last heard from The Boom Booms. What happened during the hiatus?

Yeah, we weren't sure if we were going to keep going. I had turned 30 and was thinking, “You know, if I'm going to switch gears and do something else, this would be a good time to do it.” Like, OK, that was a really fun way to spend my twenties, but do I want to do this forever? So we took a break and decided that yeah, let's keep doing this. Let's make another album. Because we took a break from touring, we could also do other work which made the financial aspect a bit easier not having to stay on the road to make a living. It was great to step away from music for a minute and come back to it with fresh energy.

The scope of the band has changed after a slight downsize. Has that changed the group dynamic?

Our drummer Richie decided to hang it up after the Commodore. He was ready to lay down some roots and I think it was a good call for him. Afterward, our percussionist and sometime drummer Theo moved into the drum throne full-time and it's been great. He brings a lot of energy to the show, so yeah the dynamic has changed in that sense.

Tell us about the single All Day All Night.

I was seeing a girl in Langley last year and I was working a lot. (I was) staying up all night and driving to Langley a lot so I got into this rhythm. It was a lot of fun while it lasted. The song is about that. Musically, we started with the bass line and the hook and built it from there. We wanted to convey that feeling of obsessive momentum. I really like the way the parts fit together, especially in the post chorus.

You have a new album about to drop. Is there a purposeful change in attitude or musical direction overall?

Not really. People familiar with our music know that we never really put ourselves in a box stylistically, and this album is no different. There's a wide variety of influences you can hear on the record but what ties it together are the voice and storytelling...I wanted to write about things that were really going on for me in life. Every song is very personal in its own way.

You’re playing the Vancouver International Jazz Festival on Sunday. Do you feel you kind of fit under the jazz umbrella? How do you describe the band’s sound overall?

I don't identify as jazz. I love jazz but we don't play it. I'd say the jazziest aspect of our band is that we play a different show each night. I think if you go out and play exactly the same show night after night it would get boring. Our music is influenced by soul, R&B, funk, folk. It's like a cross between Bruce (Springsteen) and Bruno (Mars).

With a new focus after a hiatus, what do you foresee as immediate goals or a game plan going forward?

Immediate goals are: finish an amazing live show and touring it. Game plan: make great music, videos, merchandise and bring it to the world. Hopefully people like it so much they come to our shows and play our songs for people in their cars.