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Joss is a rolling Stone

By Jane Stevenson, Postmedia Network

Songbird Joss Stone loves visiting Canada and says the UK will be just fine, thank you. POSTMEDIA

Songbird Joss Stone loves visiting Canada and says the UK will be just fine, thank you. POSTMEDIA

The British blue-eyed soul singer will be crooning at a trio of Canadian jazz festivals over the next two weeks , including the TD Toronto Jazz Festival on Monday night.

Postmedia Network caught up with the 30-year-old stoic belter down the line from her Devon, England, home before she crossed the pond.


"It hasn't been a great time but it's OK because we are strong - we're English. It's going to take a lot to get us into a place where we our spirit is knocked and our spirit is not knocked. We will be strong as always, as history tells us. We're going to be okay."


"I do think that it does help. It does bring people together. And it gives a bit of beauty in a moment where you feel s--ty. Not only does it give people a good feeling but it raises a lot of money, which helps massively."


"(My cup poodle Dusty Springfield) used to come on tour with me but now she's old. I wish I could (bring her to Canada) though. You know what? I actually could, I feel because she has a passport, so I will consider it!"


"For some reason, I've been doing jazz festivals since I was a babe. And I don't really know why because pretty much the only music I haven't really done is jazz. Isn't that weird?"


"I'm just playing. I'm in the middle of a tour at the moment. It's called the Total World Tour and we are visiting every country on our beautiful planet. Each place, we make a collaboration with someone and visit a charity so it's very interesting tour. (By the end), I'll have visited 226 counrties - and I'm only halfway done!"


"I watch (British anthology sci-fi series) Black Mirror a lot, which is super creepy but I can't stop watching it. And it's pretty close to home isn't? And after that, I watch Orange is the New Black because it's really funny and stupid."


"I'd love to do it. Hopefully, I'll get a chance next year. (The tour) is going to take maybe two years. My brother comes with me and he films but he films a little video for the charity and a little video for the collaboration."


"I love Canada. It feels very homey. Everyone is very sweet all the time. It's like you guys are very well behaved and polite. That's the stereotype that you guys have. And stereotypes are there for a reason."