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PROULX: You'll love a #Summer Of Yes

Shaun Proulx says you should make this a summer of yes and don't pass on good times. GETTY

Shaun Proulx says you should make this a summer of yes and don't pass on good times. GETTY


Yes, the Toronto Islands are closed, wildfires are ravaging B.C. and the weather has been dodgier than the Blue Jays' season, but it is still summer - and there's a lot to do - as long as you say a three-letter word.

#Summer Of Yes was an exercise in self-care I came up with on a dog walk three years ago, to help put more balance into my life. Fun and excitement and joie de vivre had disappeared from it, after tending to and caring for my media company over a period of early business building years. That meant I said no to great opportunities and experiences along the way. Important life elements beyond my business goals - expansion, a good time, a day off - had not been given any love. To switch it up, I decided that every time an opportunity or person or experience came my way that July and August, I'd say yes to it. Even if it was not of interest to me, or out of my comfort zone (like naked camping with 300 gay men), I'd say yes. Who knows where all of it would lead? That summer turned out to be one of the best of my life, with touchstones along the way that wove deep personal value and meaning into the season. Last year's

#Summer Of Yes saw the start of a friendship with someone I value very much. Now that the hot sun is finally here, it's time to say yes once again. Here's why "yes" is a powerful word and idea: We live in an agreement-based universe. It doesn't understand man-made languages like English with the word "no" in it. It simply gives to us more of that which we focus on. (This is, from an energetic perspective, how late Toronto mayor Rob Ford and former U.S. prez George W. Bush were elected and Donald Trump, too: so much shouting "no" at people and then, the physical manifestation so many didn't want was realized.) Having a yes-based attitude on a continuing basis - "how can we make X happen?" rather than "here are all the reasons why X couldn't" - is a leading-edge advantage that separates those who achieve great things while alive, from those who paddle in mediocrity. The degree in which change occurs in your life - especially if you are someone who feels any kind of malaise, or just simple boredom - matches the degree to which you say yes to things. If you don't change, life pretty much stays the same. You might be thinking that you, in fact, do say yes to a lot already, but

#Summer Of Yes isn't about saying yes to everything, nor is it to appease other people's agendas. It's about you. Saying yes to possibilities begins with your realigning yourself, to do so you must leave your comfort zone and jump off the cliff. Put yourself first and dive into a

#Summer Of Yes: Say yes to trying something new, like taking a course Say yes to new challenges - write that book already Say yes to things that scare you - naked camping? Say yes to connecting with strangers - who is the funny woman who makes your protein shakes? Say yes to things that break you out of routine, like, stop having sushi every day Say yes to noticing the random coincidences and signposts that are meaningful to you as you summer unfolds; the universe is always speaking to you and letting you know if you're on the right or wrong course And while you are busy 'yaaasing Queen'all summer, tag

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