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24 HOURS WITH ... Bree Williamson

By Nelson Branco, 24 Hrs

Bree Williamson stars in Private Eyes with Jason Priestley. She spoke with Nelson Branco about her soap past and working with Priestley. GLOBAL

Bree Williamson stars in Private Eyes with Jason Priestley. She spoke with Nelson Branco about her soap past and working with Priestley. GLOBAL

There's a new "barracuda" in town. Private Eyes' will-they-or-won't-they suspense intensifies between Matt and Angie on its season finale tonight at 8 p.m. now that Bree Williamson is mixing things up as romantic spoiler Melanie Parker, the Crown prosecutor who is eyeing a certain ex-hockey player very privately. The Toronto native knows a few things about love triangles, having earned three Emmy Award nominations on the now-defunct One Life To Live. (She also recently guest-starred on General Hospital.) 24 Hours caught up with Global's newest MVP.


An acting career is a marathon - not a sprint. I have a supportive husband (Michael Roberts) who is brutally honest with me - especially when we run lines together. I'm also always in acting class when I'm not working. Sometimes it doesn't feel like I'm working as consistently as I want to be, but I guess all actors feel that way.


I didn't know how great I had it on OLTL. I miss the cast, crew and having a job to go to every day. I like where I am right now because it's exciting, but I miss OLTL every day. We were a family but now we're all spread out. It's still incredible to see that OLTL fans are still following my career. The fans were like family too. They send me messages all the time on social media. Soap fans are the most loyal ever.


I live in L.A. but it's great because this is the first time I got to work in Toronto since I left the city in 2003. I got to hang out in my city. I like Private Eyes because not only is it shot in Toronto but it's set in Toronto and we reference and shoot the city a lot. We don't try to hide the fact that we're in Toronto, unlike other shows.


Of course, I knew Jason (Priestley) from Beverly Hills, 90210 but we worked together on TV series Haven. He directed an episode. We were together all day in a weird haunted house in the middle of Nova Scotia - so we got to know each other very well. I really love working - and now acting - with Jason. And Cindy Sampson? She's my favourite.


I don't know if I would have still been on OLTL had ABC not cancelled it. I was planning on leaving that year. My contract was up in December and OLTL's last airdate on ABC was in (January) so I didn't have to make the decision to quit. I wasn't happy it was cancelled but the only good thing was I got to be there for the series finale.


I'm very grateful to have citizenship to two awesome countries. It is nice to come to Canada ... and yes, get away from the political discourse in the U.S. But can you really escape it? One country impacts the world these days so you can't get away from the news, unfortunately.


The Handmaid's Tale! It's the best show on TV right now. Nothing comes close. Oh, except for Private Eyes, of course.