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By Nelson Branco, 24 Hrs

Star Jones tells Nelson Branco she wouldn't return to The View because the daily gabfest was too much of a grind. GETTY

Star Jones tells Nelson Branco she wouldn't return to The View because the daily gabfest was too much of a grind. GETTY

Success is the best revenge. Just ask Star Jones. Having left The View amid controversy, the Emmy-nominated co-host turned lemons into a lemontini: the lawyer penned Satan's Sisters, a fictional account loosely based on her time on The View. Now, Daytime Divas - airing on Bravo and starring Vanessa Williams - is winning raves as a soapy yet smart behind-the-scenes tale of a talk show which also tackles hot topics. 24 Hours caught up with Jones, 55, who is guest starring as herself tonight at 10 p.m. Claws not sold separately.


I don't miss the grind of a daily talk show. Now I have the freedom to do all the things that make my heart sing. In addition to producing Divas, I'm the president of a publicly-traded company whose focus is on women, networking and diversity. Now with social media, you can still get your opinions out there. Of course, the media still calls me for commentary like I just did with O.J. Simpson on CNN.


Let me put it this way: Sex. Lies. Videotapes. And Death.


I'm not playin' with guest stars; c'mon, now! From Kelly Osbourne to Patti LaBelle, with her sweet potato pie, to Janet Mock. La La Anthony put everyone to shame when she walked into a room! We're going to have Ashley Graham on a future episode. Lunch Hour having guest hosts is a great way to show off great guest-star talent as well as the main cast. When I was writing Satan's Sisters, Vanessa Williams was being cast in my mind's eye. To be able to work with her on a show about my life based on my book really is a dream come true (Laughs)! They captured every bit of my imagination down to Vanessa's home on the show which is what you would see if you walked in my N.Y. apartment.


Vanessa says that this is the first role she's played that allows an actress of a certain age to be that age and what that means. When Maxine's man William helped her get out of her spanks that proves to you how loyal Vanessa is an actress. Vanessa cracks me up - she's one of the most stunning women to ever walk the earth yet she's still the most consummate professional. There's not one ounce of diva in Vanessa.


I've known Trump for three decades. I know all his wives. (When I appeared on Celebrity Apprentice), never in a million years did I imagine Donald would be president of the United States. I worked very hard for Hillary Clinton and I was a campaign surrogate for her. I was devastated when she lost. He's woefully unprepared for this job.


For this season, I only appear once. I'm one of the grand divas that pops in and out to remind folks what it's supposed to be (laughs)! In tonight's episode, I deliver a brutal take-down of one of the hosts and it only took me one take! My co-star was like, 'That rolled off your tongue a little bit too easily!'I was like, 'Yeah!'