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SNL alumni David Spade spills to Sarah Hanlon on why he likes Toronto. GETTY

SNL alumni David Spade spills to Sarah Hanlon on why he likes Toronto. GETTY


David Spade has a full summer. The SNL vet recently performed in Niagara Falls, Ontario with Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider as part of the Netflix Presents: Here Comes the Funny Tour. The accidental stand-up heartthrob can also be seen on the streaming giant's comedy series Love, which was created by Judd Apatow. And this July 26th, Spade is bringing his legendary snark to Montreal as he hosts his titular Just for Laugh's gala, which will be held at Place Des Arts. Afterward, Spade is Las Vegas-bound to perform at the Mirage with Howie Mandel. 24 Hours caught up with the 53-year-old to shoot the you-know-what:


I don't think I am going to be wearing a tux [when hosting the gala] because it's hard to pack. I guess it's possible to pack ... it just doesn't seem feasible. I'll just be wearing - you know - Speedos, flip-flops and a sailor hat. Those are my fashion go-tos!


I'm trying to catch up! My friends watch all these shows and then, everyone talks about them but I never seem to get on it. Even when I do have time, it is so hard to sit down and focus on a show - unless it is great. I have a friend who only auditions for commercials so he is never doing anything, and he is like 'yeah, yesterday I knocked out 13 episodes of Game of Thrones.' I'm like 'what, who has the time?'


Jimmy Fallon is great to be on as a guest. But Jimmy Kimmel is a blast too. David Letterman used to be my favourite, ugh, but now he's not on air. And of course, Howard Stern, even though, if you say too much and regret it, it is still very fun to do.


I might have to [book some Canadian shows after marijuana legalization] because now my act might work! Sometimes, though, my stoner friends are always so (spaced out) when they are stoned. No one is ever saying 'Hey, who is this super high energy guy on weed?'


I have only been to Montreal once, I think, so I look forward to things like Just for Laughs because it is all different. I get to see some comics I haven't seen, so it should be a very nice time. I know Jeff Ross will be there. He is the only one I'm buddies with really so I'll go goof around with him a bit, I think.


It would be so nerve-wracking. It would be fun with good writers but it would be scary. Just doing that Roast of Rob Lowe, it was really fun, but you have to get the right jokes and not be super nervous and not just read the teleprompter. Usually, I try to overcompensate and be cool, but yeah [despite time in the industry] things still makes me nervous.


I did three movies (PCU, Police Academy 4 and Tommy Boy) in Toronto so I have great memories of being there - even though it was a long time ago, but I should go back there and do standup. I know a few people from Toronto. It was always very nice. I sort of got wired when I was over there in the Bay and Bloor area!