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5 actresses who could play Barbie instead of Anne Hathaway

By Sarah Doktor, Postmedia Network

With news that Anne Hathaway is in talks to replace Amy Schumer as the star of the new live-action Barbie movie, we thought we'd put forth our own suggestions to play the famous doll.

It's not that we have anything against Hathaway, but we just can't quite imagine her as a Barbie girl, living in a Barbie world.

Instead, here are 5 stars we'd love to see play the plastic princess on screen:

1. Ellie Kemper: Kemper has proven she can easily play a fresh-faced, ditzy character during her stint as the lead on Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It would be a pretty easy mental jump to imagine her as the living doll.

2. Kate McKinnon: There's no denying McKinnon is a comedic superstar. Take her comedic charm and her already blonde looks and you've got yourself a goofy, loveable Barbie.

3. Anna Faris: Faris already has the Barbie doll looks down, and like McKinnon she also has the comedic chops.

4. Britney Spears: Spears may not be known for her acting repertoire, but she did a pretty good job playing the doll on SNL. That was back in 2002, so she's had to time to hone in her acting skills. Maybe.

5. Jennifer Lawrence: Maybe it's time the Oscar winner step into a lighter role? The natural blonde has shown her goofy side in interviews, so seeing her as Barbie doesn't seem so far fetched.