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TV CHEAT SHEET: Lost revival? Really?

TV maven Denette Wilford isn't sure a rumoured revival of Lost is such a good idea.

TV maven Denette Wilford isn't sure a rumoured revival of Lost is such a good idea.


**WARNING: Some content may contain spoilers**

Revival of the Fittest


Considering everything that has been revived for television (24, Prison Break, The X-Files, Twin Peaks, Gilmore Girls, Heroes), discussion about a Lost return seems inevitable. And co-creator Damon Lindelof is both "curious" and "excited" about the possibility of it coming back in some form or another. "I've thought about it a lot," he told TVLine at Comic-Con, adding that he hopes that "whoever is doing it" (meaning he or J.J. Abrams would not be part of it) doesn't bring back any original characters because they "worked so hard to end that show and to give [the survivors] some level of closure." Um, debatable. His advice to whomever is crazy enough to take this on? Use "the mythology of the island" but put their own spin on it. Even though most of the original cast members are available, a revamp with a new cast is the only way it would work. Our wishful casting, what if they used actors from the aforementioned revivals, just for giggles? Wentworth Miller, Lauren Graham, Corey Hawkins, and Greg Grunberg (though not a pilot this time).

Beginning of the End

Teen Wolf

With talk of a podcast spinoff, is Teen Wolf really done? Well, if you consider Scott and Stiles and Lydia and the rest of the gang from Beacon Hills, the heart and soul of the show, then yes, yes it is. Teen Wolf was MTV's first dramatic series and it delivered season after season. Here's hoping the final 10 episodes gives its fans a much-deserved payoff after all the torture we went through (I'm looking at you, Dread Doctors and Ghost Riders). Naturally, it's not going to end the same way it began since Beacon Hills and the characters and creatures in and around it are in a much different place but it would be great if there was some closure all while paying homage to what it once was. Season 6B finds the original pack preparing for college but naturally, something is stirring, something that they'll have to defeat before heading their separate ways. It also means some fun returns, as it was revealed during Comic-Con that Derek and Jackson will be back. A return to its roots AND a Teen Wolf where the kids are fighting a big, bad creature? Exactly what one could hope for as the supernatural drama bids us adieu.

Premieres: Sunday, July 30 on MTV

Kick-Ass: 21 Thunder

If watching a soccer game is like watching grass grow, let me just get this out of the way now: 21 Thunder may centre on the game but it's not what it's all about. In other words, give it a try because it's pretty damn good. Set in the world of under-21 soccer, this is as cutthroat as it gets as the players will do whatever they can to make it to the pros. The Montreal Thunder haven't done too well in the past so to step it up, the team has enlisted the help of some new blood: Junior Lolo (Emmanuel Kabongo) is recruited from the Ivory Coast for his midfielder skills, while Olympic soccer star Christy Cook (Stephanie Bennett) and international soccer phenom Davey Gunn (former Scottish footballer Ryan Pierce) join the coaching squad. The most problematic part about a sports series or movie is making it believable but these guys look like they can actually play. The only thing that's a little tough to swallow? That the actors cast are U-21. Pfft, more like U-31. Must be that 90210 syndrome. Barring that, these guys aren't only about soccer; with criminal pasts, racial tensions, family issues and lots of love and sex, 21 Thunder is a good addition to CBC's lineup.

Premieres: Monday, July 31 on CBC

Comic-Con Tidbits

All the important things you might've missed at the conference earlier this week.


The teen soap will get even darker - in part due to Mark Consuelos'arrival as Veronica's dad - but Veronica's ex-boyfriend is also set to show up, bringing out Ronnie's bad side. Archie and Veronica aren't the only couple in trouble; with Jughead staying put at Southside High, another girl is going to give Betty a run for her money.


Instead of airing a trailer, executive producer Ronald D. Moore and Starz decided to screen the Season 3 premiere in its entirety. For the 4,000 fans packed into the ballroom. Lucky them! For the rest of its pissed-off fans, try and avoid spoilers until it returns on September 10.

The Flash

Caitlin is likely back on Team Flash. Julian, however, is not as there are reports that Tom Felton won't be back as a series regular, if at all.


Slade, Black Siren and Black Canary all made it off the island. Duh. Oh, and Lost alum Michael Emerson joins the cast, perhaps as Cayden James?


Kara is torn between Supergirl and her human identity and it looks like the sacrifice she made saving Mon-El has made her second-guess living a normal life. Kara Danvers might be no more. (Probably not but just building on the suspense that was in the trailer.)

Legends of Tomorrow

Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) will make returns.

Once Upon a Time

Storybrooke is gone. OUAT's new world is set in a place called Hyperion Heights. Think big city like Seattle, not sleepy little town.

Lucifer Tom Welling joins Season 3, marking his first TV gig since Smallville ended in 2011. Good thing too because our sources report he's been testing for daytime soap roles in between gigs.

Wynonna Earp

It got the green light for Season 3. No lights out on this b--.

Supernatural The CW announced that there'll be a backdoor pilot for a potential spinoff. Wayward Sisters will centre on a group of troubled young women orphaned by supernatural tragedy.

Family Guy Season 15 will feature Carrie Fisher and Adam West. Uh boy.