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'Hey, there's a naked guy': Man gets arrested twice on same day for strolling naked in Kansas town

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(Summer Pelkey/Lawrence Ks Community & Police Scanner/Facebook)

(Summer Pelkey/Lawrence Ks Community & Police Scanner/Facebook)

Being naked in public while in Kansas is not against the law.

Unfortunately for a man in the Kansas City suburb of Lawrence, local laws are a little more rigid.

Christopher Steven Carlson was arrested not once, but twice, on Sunday for walking in downtown Lawrence in the buff, reports the Kansas City Star.

Carlson was cited for indecent exposure, fined $500 and released in the early afternoon.

Then, police were called by a cab driver minutes later who said he picked up the 34-year-old Carlson from the Douglas County Jail and drove him downtown.

The cabbie accused him of not paying the fare and then he "took off his clothes and left the vehicle," the Star reported, according to a police report.

Carlson was cited again, this time for indecent exposure and theft of services.

Seeing a man naked on the street was not a big deal for one diner owner.

"Our customers were not alarmed," Meg Heriford, owner of Ladybird Diner, told the Star. "It was more like, 'Hey, there's a naked guy.'"

In Kansas, public nudity is allowed unless it involves "intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desires of the offender or another."