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TV CHEAT SHEET: Comrade Detective red hot

Comrade Detective is a laugh riot and shouldn't be missed, Denette Wilford said. AMAZON

Comrade Detective is a laugh riot and shouldn't be missed, Denette Wilford said. AMAZON


**WARNING: Some content may contain spoilers**

Some Kind of Wonderful

Comrade Detective

Even with Channing Tatum and author Jon Ronson introducing each episode with some explanatory preamble, Comrade Detective can still be a little confusing. Because, honestly, WHAT IS GOING ON?! Described as pro-communist propaganda disguised as a popular old Romanian cop show made during the height of the Cold War, it centres on two detectives (Florin Piersic Jr. and Corneliu Ulici) tracking down a cop killer. But while the show features the Romanian actors, it's Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt who you'll hear. That's right, the vocal talents of an all-star cast are dubbed over the Romanian dialogue, which easily makes it the most unique thing you'll ever see - or hear - on the small screen. Because from afar it looks like a fake detective show, in actuality it's a reluctant buddy comedy that's in on the joke. The '80s references, the corny banter, the slow-motion action scenes, the fiery dialogue and the American stereotypes capture exactly what a cop show back then - in Romania - would've been like. But the best part is, it works here and now. Comrade Detective is wholly entertaining, deliberately hilarious - and arguably better than any procedural on right now. It's strange and fascinating and with the impressive voice cast - Nick Offerman, Jenny Slate, Jake Johnson, Kim Basinger, Mahershala Ali, Bobby Cannavale and Chloe Sevigny, among many, many others - you'll want to binge all six episodes, that need to be seen to be believed.

Premieres: Friday, Aug. 4 on Amazon

Reunited and It Feels So Good

Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later

Like the gift that keeps on giving, Wet Hot American Summer is back with its latest installment - and it's just as ridiculously campy as ever. (Sorry, I'll show myself out.) The running joke here is that even though we're still not buying these actors playing these pretty young things, we'll take what we can get while it lasts. The jokes are glorious, the writing's superb and the cast is game. It's a promise that brings them back to Camp Firewood, but their reunion is fitting (one last time?) since it's being sold. The only flaw is the isolated scenes, but it's understandable given the scheduling conflicts for many of the actors. Elizabeth Banks'Lindsay is basically kept from everyone, Joe Lo Truglio's Neil all but disappears, and let's just say Bradley Cooper's Ben looks a lot different. But I'm just nitpicking. For those who enjoy the antics of the Camp Firewood gang, this group and their history are much more fun than Netflix's other comedy about reunited pals. Walla Walla Hoo, Walla Walla Hey!

Premieres: Friday, Aug. 4 on Netflix

Reality Bites

Life of Kylie

With hankerings for a piece of the Kardashian pie becoming lesser and lesser, it seems Pimp Mama Kris has moved on from promoting her older kids to putting an even brighter spotlight on her youngest. In the latest spinoff from Keeping Up With the Kardashians, we see what Kylie Jenner does with her days as Kris sits in a corner with her fingers and toes crossed, hoping this gets the family some kind of traction. The eight-episode docu-series promises to give viewers a taste of what Kylie is really like and she truly believes the only thing that makes her different from everyone else is that she has nice things. Yup, take away all the fancy cars and private planes and humongous mansions and all the lip kits and she's just like us. She just isn't, though. It's hard to relate to someone whose biggest job is maintaining her image and staying relevant. And since the people who want to know what it's like to be Kylie already know what's it like to be her - thanks to her app and social media - do we really need to see her in this more traditional platform?

Premieres: Sunday, Aug. 6 on E!

Great News

Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update

Aside from fodder for all the late-night shows, the biggest beneficiary of Trump and his shenanigans has, hands down, been SNL. Sure, their team of writers has been stellar and on top of it all but the material has practically been writing itself over the last year. Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy have made headline-grabbing, Emmy-nominated performances as Trump and Sean Spicer, respectively, so it makes perfect sense that the long-running comedy would capitalize on it all. After enjoying its best ratings in over two decades comes the beloved news sketch in primetime for the next four weeks. Colin Jost and Michael Che will host, of course, but expect other SNLers to make appearances. Presumably, Baldwin will make the time but no word on McCarthy since Spicey's no longer a part of the administration. He'll have to make some real news to get back on here, but I'm sure that won't be a problem.

Premieres: Thursday, Aug. 10 on Global and NBC

Applause, Applause

Diana Rigg, Game of Thrones

The focus of Sunday's episode was supposed to be on Daenerys and Jon Snow's first meeting but it was Lady Olenna Tyrell who stole the hour. Jaime had her at his mercy and Olenna accepted her fate was with the poison he left her with - but not before she got to drop the bomb that she's the one who orchestrated Joffrey's death. "Tell Cersei," she said. "I want her to know it was me." And just like that, GoT fans bid farewell to the beloved fan favourite - who died yet still found a way to win. You'll be missed, Olenna - and Dame Diana.

Quote of the Week

The Bachelorette

"You had such an amazing opportunity to be surrounded by different people and different cultures and you didn't take advantage of that. I hope that in watching it back, you realize that you were a part of something so great. But in case you didn't, please know that you could exit stage left and meet me backstage and I'd be more than happy to give you a black history lesson, a lesson on women's rights."

- Rachel to Lee during The Men Tell All episode on how he handled himself throughout his run

And that's how you do that.