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24 Minutes with Emily Rowed

By Joe Leary

Emily Rowed. (Submitted Photo)

Emily Rowed. (Submitted Photo)

Having just released her debut EP Electric Hearts which “echoes her easy-going nomadic lifestyle as a self-proclaimed wanderlust,” Emily Rowed joins the illustrious roster of 604 Records. Joe Leary spent 24 Minutes with the Vancouver singer.

You just released your debut album. Tell us about Electric Heart.

Electric Heart began as an experiment. I was searching for a larger, louder sound. It's colourful, electronic and bolder than anything I've ever done before.

Seeing as how you were rooted in folk, how and when did the pop revelation occur?

I started writing and singing for DJs and I fell in love with the effects and the sounds that were available in electronic music. I still write like a singer-songwriter but the production around the vocals has become much bigger and busier.

Do you feel it’s important for an artist to be a blend of multiple styles or genres, or is important to pick a lane and stay in it?

I think the most important thing an artist can do is write, record, perform and play anything they're excited about.

As a kid what influenced you musically?

When I was a kid I listened to Paul Simon, Mariah Carey, Natalie Cole, Neil Young, and Robyn. I was drawn to lyrics the most and I would read Paul Simon and Neil Young's lyric books.

A lot of artists become role models for younger, impressionable types. How important is it to maintain a positive public image? We’ve seen many examples of those who have failed miserably.

Artist or not, I think it's important to be a role model and a good human. To be an artist heightens that. I think there's a responsibility to stay in true to yourself, be a positive role model to youth, and stand up for what you believe in. 

You’re in pretty good company being part of the 604 family. How did that all come about?

I came to 604 to hire a team for one song. Jonathan Simkin (owner of 604) became curious about what I was making, we had a few meetings and that was the start of a development deal. He said I was weird enough to sign. 

Any plans to tour in the near future? 

Yeah, we are working on the next moves. Touring is in our plan but for now, I'm writing a bunch of new songs and playing around Vancouver.