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Weekend Update's fun and fury

Colin and Michael are back with a summer edition of Weekend Update. NBC

Colin and Michael are back with a summer edition of Weekend Update. NBC


Fake news? Real reporting? Who cares - all we want is to laugh at the news given these mercurial times. That's why the new prime-time summer run of Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update couldn't come at a better time.

Co-anchors Michael Che and Colin Jost will have no trouble finding material to parody when Weekend Update premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on NBC and 10 p.m. on Global. Will Spicey show up? Who will play The Mooch?

Is Alec Baldwin putting on his fake orange tan as you read this? There's a lot of comedy gold to mine since SNL took its seasonal hiatus last May.

For starters, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un keeps testing his missiles while Trump is channelling his inner Daenerys Targaryen with warnings of "fire and fury" against North Korea. O.J. Simpson is loose again. Oh, and let's not forget the White House revolving door and minority groups losing the basic human rights they fought for over the decades.

In an interview with NBC News, Jost compared the brief appearance of Scaramucci to "missing Christmas" but hinted that "there's always a chance" of a Mooch cameo. Former Sex and The City scene-stealer and contributor at The View Mario Cantone is already lining up for the coveted role. When Cantone caught wind of Scarmucci's potential role on SNL, he jumped right on board telling Variety that playing The Mooch would be "a lot of fun."

So much fun that he even gave his best Scaramucci impersonation a test run in a video for The New York Times and then went on to play the former White House communications director on the Comedy Central series The President Show and The View.

With a wacky Trump administration and NBC attracting some of its best ratings in the past 24 seasons in this streaming and online world of ours, the peacock network decided early this spring that they would be wasting a gigantic opportunity to attract bigger ratings and yuuuge buzz by not taking advantage of the bounty if the series was M.I.A. during the summer before its fall relaunch.

Especially since the venerable variety show was nominated for a whopping 22 Emmy Awards this year. When asked about what exactly viewers can expect during the 30-minute offering, Che remained mysterious about the content. "I think we'll just approach it the way we approach regular SNL where it's just, you know, what makes sense for the week, you know?" Che teased NBC.

Cantone isn't the only celebrity lobbying for a role. Begging "Oh please" is House of Cards star Michael Kelly who took to Twitter in hopes of playing Trump's adviser Stephen Miller on SNL. Kelly told 24 Hours earlier this spring that he's "as obsessed with Trump as anyone. The world has gone mad. I love House of Cards because at least professionals are working in the White House! My daughter could do a better job!"

But Jost reminds actors that social media isn't the proper outlet to audition for SNL. Just follow a certain Emmy winner's lead on that one: "When Melissa [McCarthy] did Spicer the first time, it took people a solid minute to process, 'Wait, is that Melissa McCarthy dressed as Sean Spicer?' And that's fun," explained Jost.