Here's 5 ways students can savour the end of summer

By Raven Nyman

file (Getty Images)

file (Getty Images)

Has it hit you yet? In less than two weeks, high-school and university students will head back to class for another year and wave goodbye to summer '17. For many, the new school year ushers in feelings of excitement and anticipation. Some students can’t wait to reunite with friends they haven’t seen over the summer, but the majority of students share the collective dread that mounts as August moves into its final weeks.

With the spirit of summer in mind, then, why not savour our favourite season? Quick, before it’s gone! Here are 5 ways that university students can still make the most of their summer vacation.

1) Go on a road trip

No car? No problem! Why not rent a vehicle for the weekend? Grab a map, add in a few best friends and some basic accommodation and you’ve got yourself a bonafide adventure.

Don’t forget: you can save big bucks when it comes to accommodations by finding a place to stay ahead of time. That could mean making camping stops with friends, staying with family members, or even booking a hotel. Wherever you choose to stay, planning ahead for your trip is necessary in order to avoid unexpected expenses and additional costs.

Need ideas on where to go? If you’re not into the typical road trip up the coast or even an outdoorsy adventure, may I suggest an amusement park? Think Disney, Universal Studios, or even Canada’s Wonderland. There’s nothing better than a trip down memory lane with friends to get you feeling energized, alive, and completely oblivious to summer’s end.

2) Hit the water park

Once school returns, you can guarantee that fall, and of course, winter, aren’t far behind. That means cold weather, scarves, and snow too—ugh. Sure, there’s lots to love about the other seasons of the year, but nothing can compete with sunshine and blue skies.

Before summer’s gone, make sure to get your beach time in! You can hit the water park with friends, enjoy a beach picnic, or even learn to surf. There are so many ways to get active outside this summer, and adding water into the mix makes things a whole lot cooler—literally.

3) Read a book

I know that many of you are thinking, “Wait a minute, that’s the last thing I want to do with what little remains of my summer!” I understand where you’re coming from. Still, once the academic year is in full swing you can say goodbye to any personal reading list you may have established, so why not get in a few good books that you’ll actually enjoy finishing before September?

If post-secondary studies have drained your desire to read for personal pleasure, then you may want to consider giving reading another chance. This time, choose a book that you’ve been dying to read or pick up a novel about a subject that deeply interests you. The sooner you separate your required readings from your own personal interests, the better! Pro tip: unlike Netflix, literature requires no internet connection or credit card, which means that you can even take your books with you on the road. Disrupted your world with that one, didn’t I?

4) Spend quality time with the ones you love

This could mean your family or even your fur-babies—let’s be real here, they’re family too! One of the hardest parts about returning to school each year has got to be leaving behind those you care about most. Not every student experiences this, but for most, attending post-secondary school often means travelling away from our home and our families. Many students will cross not just provinces, but entire oceans to complete their studies.

With that in mind, it’s important to cherish your time with loved ones, especially if you’ll be heading back to school without them this fall. Put in extra effort to make plans with them before the summer ends, form new memories to treasure, and know that you won’t be apart forever.

5) Do nothing!

This could be the last time—for a long time—that “nothing” is even an option, so why not enjoy it? There’s always room to savour your freedom, especially before busy timetables and extracurricular responsibilities kick back in. If you had a particularly hectic summer and you're really dreading heading back to class, then there's no better way to spend the remainder of your free time.

Kick back, relax, and log a bit of recovery time before your schedule returns to chaos. Your version of nothing could really be anything. From luxurious bubble baths to Netflix dates for one, the options are endless. Sometimes there truly is nothing more enjoyable than a bit of your own company, so pour a glass of whatever suits your fancy and prop your feet up. You deserve it!