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Hell-bound ISIS sicko: ‘They were all virgins’

By Brad Hunter, Toronto Sun

Postmedia Network

Postmedia Network

An ISIS killer doomed to die boasted he received virginal teens to rape as part of his salary.

The shocking claims were made at a death penalty tribunal in Iraq earlier this month and obtained by the Daily Telegraph.

“They were part of my salary, I received the women as a bonus,” twisted jihadi Mohammed Ahmed, 40, told the court.

As the caliphate crumbles, the city of Nineveh, has constructed courts to squeeze a semblance of justice out of Islamic State’s reign of terror.

Many of the captured fanatics are facing death sentences for their roles in the mass murder and torture of civilians.

Ahmed — who is accused of being a terrorist — painted a sickening portrait of kidnapping young girls then selling them into sex slavery.

For his proactive perversion, he testified he was given four young girls for himself.

“I kept the four girls in an abandoned house. Each night I would have sex with a different one,” Ahmed said.

“Sometimes they seemed scared, but they never said no. They were all virgins when I got them and more beautiful than you can imagine.”

But it wasn’t just sex — the Islamic State monster also gleefully described massacring a group of schoolboys.

“I shot them there in the school hall. I think I killed 10 or 12 of them, including some children,” he bragged.

Most of the victims were members of the Yazidi minority who were brutalized by the jihadists.

And when one jihadist was through with the girl, they’d be passed on to another fighter.

“I gave them to another fighter in return for $200 each,” Ahmed told the judge.