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Sweet! World record at un-bee-lievable film promotion

 Michael Peake, Toronto Sun

It was a bit of show b-e-e-siness.

Juan Carlos Noguez Oritz set a world record by covering himself with bees to promote the Canadian film, Blood Honey, which opens on Friday.

The bees, 100,000 of them, were supplied by Dickey Bee Honey of Cookstown. Their bees were featured in the film that has a scene where a character is similarly covered.

Oritz endured 61 minutes, beating the existing record by almost eight minutes. He was encased in a giant plastic bubble.

Dozens of people watched the event unfolded over several hours in Yonge-Dundas Square.

The queen bee was strapped to his head and the tens of thousands — mostly female workers bees — followed her scent as they were slowly poured on to Carlos.

Except for occasional thumbs up gestures, he remained motionless. He admitted to a few bites, but nothing serious.