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‘We weren’t expecting it at all’: The Amazing Race Canada’s Adam and Andrea surprised they were U-Turned

Mark Daniell.

By Mark Daniell, Postmedia Network



Adam and Andrea didn’t see they had a target on their backs.

The Montreal siblings became the sixth team eliminated from Season 5 of The Amazing Race Canada Tuesday night after being U-Turned by Korey and Ivana.

During a Pit Stop in Saskatchewan, there were two U-Turns up for grabs. Team Give’r (Kenneth and Ryan) used one to try and trip up Toronto couple Sam and Paul. Korey and Ivana, who previously U-Turned Andrea and Ebonie, used the other on Adam and Andrea.

“I don’t even know if we were really expecting it,” Andrea says. “We thought we made some good relationships, so we didn’t think it could happen to us.”

“I wasn’t expecting it at all. I think we were a pretty likable team, so I didn’t think we were a target,” her brother Adam adds.

Looking back at how the show has played out on TV screens this summer, the brother-sister team admit they were a threat to win it all.

“After watching the show, I can see how much of a threat we were to the other teams,” Adam concedes. “But once you piece it together, it does make sense. But at the time, it was a surprise for the both of us.”

After completing a grain challenge, the siblings then had to master the art of auctioning horses and erect a maple leaf out of soup cans. And even though they caught up to Korey and Ivana at the final challenge, where teams had to pick out the queen bee amongst a swarm, they couldn’t make up enough ground to avoid a last-place finish.

Considering Adam and Andrea elected not to use a U-Turn several episodes back in Ottawa, you’d think they’d be slightly miffed that they missed an opportunity to have possibly slowed down one of the other teams earlier in the Race.

But it’s not true.

“We didn’t U-Turn a team on that leg in Ottawa and we finished first place,” Adam says. “We didn’t have a target on our back and we didn’t have a team looking to seek revenge because we had U-Turned them.”

“Honestly, I don’t think our decision not to U-Turn anyone would have changed anything on this leg,” Andrea continues.

With just four teams left, there’s no clear front-runner to win it all.

“Statistically, it would be Sam and Paul and then us, but we’re not there anymore,” Andrea jokes.

“Sam and Paul look like hands down the strongest team,” Adam says. “They’re the ones to beat. If we were still there, we’d be the other team to beat since we also won multiple legs. Korey and Ivana, it seems like they have had their backs up against the walls numerous times and they just find a way to keep going, so I wouldn’t count them out.”

As for the most underrated team, Adam and Andrea say it’s a toss-up between Karen and Bert and the Give’r boys.

“Team Give’r won the first leg and then they’ve kind of been floating around,” Andrea says. “Karen and Bert, they’re a lot like Korey and Ivana... they seem to just be hanging around.”

“They find a way,” Adam laughs.

And even though their Season 5 dreams have been dashed, the siblings say that if Amazing Race Canada ever wants to start an All-Stars edition, they’ll be first in line to sign up.

“For sure,” Adam says. “100% count us in.”

The Amazing Race Canada airs Tuesdays on CTV.

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