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Brothers were penny loafer perverts

By Brad Hunter, Toronto Sun

No one would call them kindly old men.

Instead, the Seattle papers are calling the Emery brothers the Penny Loafer Perverts.

The brothers – Charles Emery, 82; Thomas Emery, 80; and Edwin Emery, 78 – have spent their lives living together in white frame, ramshackle house on the city’s outskirts.

And their time?

Spent molesting children, looking at kiddie porn, obsessing over rape, spinning twisted fantasies so vile one wretches just thinking about them – and maybe murder.

None of the men married, they never had children. And they might have slipped into their graves without anyone knowing their filthy secrets.

But when a relative helped the men clean out a garage in early August, she discovered it packed with child porn, children’s toys, girls’ clothes – and tiny penny loafers.

Clippings about the disappearances and murders of children littered the floor.

And then there were the sickening fantasies of child rape, torture and murder, allegedly spun by Charles Emery.

“The brothers collected images depicting the misery of sexually abused children to satiate their deeply-rooted deviant interests,” the criminal complaint reads.

At least two of their victims were young, female relatives, detectives said.

“It’s very clear that these three individuals have an obsession with young female children,” Capt. Mike Edwards of the Seattle Police Department told reporters.

“They’ve had this obsession for most if not all of their lives and in some cases acted out on that obsession against family members.”

The female relative, who found the depraved treasure trove, told detectives that two of her uncles – Charles and Edwin Emery – took turns sexually abusing her when she was a child.

Charles allegedly made her dress up in the little girls’ clothes he bizarrely kept on hand. And the former Seattle Children’s Hospital janitor would then place tiny penny loafers on the now 49-year-old woman’s feet.

There’s also the matter of missing children in the area.

One of the items detectives found was a missing person flyer for tragic Lindsey Baum.

The brown-haired girl was just 10 when vanished in 2009 while walking home from a friend’s.

Cops say the Emery brothers own a 17-acre property about 30 minutes from where Lindsey vanished.

“They would have had an opportunity to be in the McCleary area at the time of Lindsey’s disappearance,” Sheriff Rick Scott told KIRO. “They certainly would have been the type of people that would have victimized a girl her age.”

So far, the only charges the Emery brothers face is for child pornography, but police fear they are far from being through as cadaver dogs search the brothers’ properties.

Jasmine Pierpoint, Lindsey’s cousin, told the Daily Mail the family expects there will be dark answers, if not for the Baums, than others.

“As this Emery brothers case is revealed, we find the thought of it horrific and unimaginable,” Pierpoint said. “It shouldn’t take a horrific scenario such as with the Emery brothers to bring the cases of all missing persons to light.”

She added: “We certainly hope that we find our answers and our truths about what happened to our it with this case or another.”



Loredana Nesci seemed to have it all.

But sometimes having it all doesn’t let you blow off a ticket to the morgue.

A shapely, bodybuilding reality TV star, Nesci, 47, was also a former cop and prominent Los Angeles lawyer. For half a dozen long forgotten episodes, she was known as the “legal diva” in Loredana, Esq.

But on July 22, 2015, her golden dreams ended on a coroner’s slab. Verdict: her insides had been “shredded like Swiss cheese” by a “Rambo-like knife.”

Her bodybuilding beau, Robert Reagan, 51, called it. The pair had lived together and shared a child.

But at his second-degree murder trial, his mouthpiece Shepard Kopp suggested that after the couple had sex they got into a row. Calling Nesci an “exceptionally strong” bodybuilder, Kopp said it was her who pulled the knife.

It was self-defence, an accident.

A jury found Reagan guilty of second-degree murder. Twenty-six years in the big house await him.



AGE: 71

BACKGROUND: Creamer is the child pornographer from central casting. He was busted in Arizona in 1997 and cops seized 70 guns, 80,000 rounds of ammo and say his ring produced more than 100,000 kiddie porn diskettes. He’s 5-foot-10, 220 lbs. with blue eyes and brown hair.

CONTACT: He is wanted by the U.S. Marshals. Considered to be armed and dangerous. Call 1-800-336-0102 or your local police department.