PROULX: Accept life's bounty - like a star!

Captain Jack Sparrow is enjoying material riches, not life's other bounties.

Captain Jack Sparrow is enjoying material riches, not life's other bounties.


 This weekend’s 2017 Toronto International Film Festival kickoff heralds the arrival of actors, directors, producers, media and entertainment pros, a.k.a. some of the world’s best abundance allowers.

Watch them. Abundance allowers are all about living in prosperity: fame, success, riches, and TIFF-specific: career expansion, connections, and visits to festival gifting lounges like the Tastemaker’s Lounge, where, at TIFF 2016, I ran into Kristin Booth and Kardinal Offishall, allowing abundance like footwear and beauty products into their experiences.

Abundance means something different to each of us, but a rich supply of material goods, wealth, opportunities, time, love, connection, and support are intrinsic within most definitions.

However you define abundance, how good are you at allowing it?

Most responses will go: “I’m awesome at it. Just someone hand me the house, the money, the travel, the mate, the love, and the well-being to me for once and I’ll accept abundance no problem!”

Abundance isn’t selective and it’s not ignoring you, which is a common false belief. Abundance is actually in high supply for all, as sure as the sun in the sky, even when we can’t see it.

Nothing pinches off the flow of abundance to us except for us. And regardless of how you personally define abundance, it arrives only when you step out of your own way.

You have to stop being the clouds that block the sun that’s always in the sky. Fears, insecurities, and guilt are common blocks of abundance. Do you deserve good health? You say you want more money — but do you actually feel worthy? (No Hollywood star visiting a gifting lounge this TIFF gives that a second though, I promise.)

One friend said he feels obliged if he accepts someone’s generosity, like he’s on the hook to the giver. Another pal unfailingly displays “false politeness” every time I’ve gifted her — for almost a decade. “I can’t … it’s too much!” Oh, she always “caves” and accepts my gifts, but not without behaving like a maybe-magnet instead of a powerful attractor. (She is no Kardashian.)

“Accept the abundance!” I’ve muttered countless times under my breath when witness to tedious, painful, wishy-washy blocking as life tries to give to someone in close range.

The key to allowing abundance is to first recognize all the ways you block it. Pay attention to how you feel and react when abundance comes into your life starting this weekend (and it will come, there’s no shortage) and then dial down or, better, stop doing those things you do to block it. Even if you discover you put up blocks based on deep-rooted beliefs (“I don’t deserve a happy relationship”), begin to reframe that false premise with: “I like the idea of feeling I deserve a happy relationship” softens that block.

Accepting or denying abundance is always your choice. Just ask the TIFF boldfacers who employ this mantra. But do exercise caution in Yorkville, as you become a full-fledged abundance allower. You could end up pressed for a selfie or autograph by adoring fans.

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