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Strata council must provide owner's list and addresses

By Tony Gioventu, 24 hours

(jacquesdurocher/Getty Images)

(jacquesdurocher/Getty Images)

Dear Tony:

Our strata council has refused to provide us with a copy of the owner's list and addresses. The owners have been very unhappy with the decision-making and bullying of the strata council and we want to elect a new council. We submitted a petition demanding a special general meeting in July but the council has refused to call the meeting. As petitioners, we have the right to now give notice and call the meeting, but we do not have the addresses of the 20 owners who are landlords. The council advised their addresses are private and they cannot release them. How do we solve this problem? Vanessa H.

Dear Vanessa: These addresses for the purpose of notice are not private. The strata must comply with section 35 of the Strata Property Act and provide the information within 14 days of the request. In a recent decision of the Civil Resolution Tribunal, the residential section of the strata corporation was ordered to comply with the Act and provide the requested documentation. While there may be rare circumstances where certain documents have to be blocked to protect legal rights or proprietary interests, it is clear the strata corporation has an obligation to comply with the provision of documents under the Act. If your strata council does not provide the documents and your strata is unsuccessful in convening a general meeting to remove council, an owner may commence a complaint under the CRT ordering the strata provide the names and addresses of all owners.