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White woman, who previously got boob job to look like Pamela Anderson, gets skin colour injections to be black

Rosa Sanchez, Radar Staff

Martina Big.

Martina Big.

A woman who has lived her entire life as a white female has claimed – on The Maury Show – that she transitioned into a black woman because she was unhappy with her race and appearance.

“I got three injections in my belly to change my skin colour,” said Martina Big to the surprise of the audience, “and now I am the proud owner of black skin.”

Big was born a Caucasian, blonde girl yet as a young woman, she underwent a massive boob job in order to look more like her idol Pamela Anderson.

Then, years later, her views changed. After various chemical injections and serious body modifications she transformed into a black woman.

“It’s better to be black, the feeling inside is just happier,” she said in the bizarre video.

Big became obsessed with plastic surgery and while she was still trying to become Pamela Anderson, she underwent a breast augmentation, liposuction and a nose job.

Later, when she decided she now wanted to be black, she got hair plugs and extensions to have voluptuous black curly hair.

As she voiced her controversial views and reasoning behind her skin colour change on The Maury Show, audience members fired back. The host himself told her “[being black] is not just skin-deep.”

Big then claimed she considers herself 80% black but “I have to learn a lot.”

Her husband also underwent the skin colour injections and now considers himself “half.”

The show concluded with angry viewers bashing Big on her offensive statement.

Said the woman: “I am black that is my race, I can’t wait to go to Africa because I hear the food I tasty.”