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Blacklist star Klattenhoff is hunk of the day

The Blacklist star Diego Klattenhoff has a big idea for the show's next spinoff.

The Blacklist star Diego Klattenhoff has a big idea for the show's next spinoff.


Diego Klattenhoff has been playing Agent Donald Ressler for the last four seasons, but should the NBC series ever decide to embark on another spinoff (despite its first attempt, The Blacklist: Redemption, not working out, sigh), the French River, Nova Scotian actor has just the ticket.

"Why wouldn't I want to partner up with Red? That's a show in and of itself," Klattenhoff joked to 24 Hours. "It's like Rizzoli and Isles. It's like CHiPs. Come on, think about it! Ressler and Red, it's like Kung Fu, but the two of them. They could travel the world, Dembe could just kick some ass. I'd be like, Dembe [snaps fingers]. Dembe, man, feel the heat."

All kidding aside (I hope), Klattenhoff admitted that it very well "could feel like a whole new show" considering where we left off: The Blacklist - which moves to City in a new night and time (Wednesdays at 8 p.m.) - lost its most badass character when Kaplan jumped off a bridge and died (or did she?); Aram finally kissed Samar; Ressler and Laurel had a little tussle which resulted in her death; and, oh, yeah, in the worst-kept secret ever, it was finally confirmed that Red is Liz's father. But just when it seemed like everything was hunky-dory between dad and daughter, a mysterious suitcase that Kaplan and Red have kept all these years surfaced - and is now in Tom's possession. Whoever's skeletal remains are in said suitcase will most definitely factor into Red and Elizabeth's relationship.

"We'll see how the dynamic shifts, changes," said Klattenhoff. "At the very beginning, we had our suspicions. I don't think it really changed, whether it shifts her loyalty towards him, but where we're at, four years later, we have this core unit, this family, we can trust each other and lean on each other, and, you know, sleep with each other once in a while [laughs]."

And if the team gets torn apart? It's simple, stated Klattenhoff. "Then we'll go rogue. We'll be dressed in normal clothes, meeting at coffee shopes, doing some kind of gangster-y spy sh*t.

Even if we are disbanded, it doesn't mean anything. There are still Blacklisters, there are still bad guys out there, unless we change the name of the show. I think Ressler's going to be fighting the good fight regardless."

From his lips to Red's ears. Now tune in tonight!