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MOVIE CHEAT SHEET: Cameron has a big yap

James Cameron is bashing everyone who's not him or his proposed epic series, Avatar.

James Cameron is bashing everyone who's not him or his proposed epic series, Avatar.



Cameron vs. Wonder Woman

'Captain bravado'James Cameron once again polarized movie fans'opinions of his judgment this week, when he decided to explain the credibility jabs that he previously took at one of 2017's biggest films, Patty Jenkins'Wonder Woman. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Cameron claimed that although he thought Wonder Woman was a good flick, he felt that there was nothing remotely groundbreaking or female forward about it. "I mean, [Gal Gadot/Wonder Woman] was Miss Israel, and she was wearing a kind of bustier costume that was very form-fitting. She's absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. To me, that's not breaking ground.

They had Raquel Welch doing stuff like that in the '60s. [The previous criticism] was all in a context of talking about why Sarah Connor, what Linda [Hamilton] created in 1991, was, if not ahead of its time, at least a breakthrough in its time. I don't think it was really ahead of its time because we're still not [giving women these types of roles]. So as much as I applaud Patty directing the was anything groundbreaking in Wonder Woman." Valid costume qualms aside (although Wonder Woman is part goddess), for Cameron to say that the first female-led and directed mega-hit summer blockbuster, that stirred up an enormous female empowerment push in Hollywood, wasn't remotely groundbreaking, is totally off the mark. He just sounds like a smug, bitter jerk.


Avatar money pit

While we're on the topic of James Cameron's bravado and stupidity, it was shocking to learn that his four Avatar sequels are going to end up costing well over $1 billion dollars to make when all is said and done. That's completely insane. Over $1 billion dollars and decades of Cameron's time wasted on these films that literally no movie fan seems to be excited about. Sure, the original Avatar was decent at the time and made a fortune.

But there's no demand for another, let alone four. It should be noted that all four films (which are all filming together) allegedly began production this week after eight years of false starts. What a bore.

It 2 is official

In news that will surprise absolutely no one, while still remaining awesome, an It sequel is now official. With It hitting the $480 million dollars worldwide box office mark this week, Warner Bros. and New Line announced that Pennywise the clown will grab his red balloon and seek retribution against an adult version of The Losers Club on September 6th, 2019.

Coming To America...again

Speaking of sequels, after almost three decades, Eddie Murphy's 1988 rom-com Coming To America is randomly getting a followup. 50/50 director Jonathan Levine is set to direct, with black-ish scribe Kenya Barris on script rewriting duties. Apparently, Murphy is involved with story development but hasn't signed on to star yet. Do it, Murph.

Unlikely buddy cops

This week, Hollywood provided us with a new contender for the most unexpected buddy cop comedy pairing on the big screen of all time. Move over Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill and Tom Hanks and Hooch the dog, Universal Pictures is partnering up the crimefighting duo of WWE wrestler turned actor John Cena, and The Big Sick/Silicon Valley star Kumail Nanjiani. Yeah, I didn't see that one coming, either. A title and plot details have yet to be announced, but the film will be helmed by Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer. To be honest, I'll give it a shot. Nanjiani is hilarious, Cena has surprisingly solid comedic timing and Fleisher has great taste. I dare say, I'm looking forward to it.


Made right: American Made

Good news. Tom Cruise has officially made up for his part in this summer's disgraceful The Mummy. Critics are calling Doug Liman's American Made an action-packed, good-humoured return to form for our pal Tom. Cruise makes notorious sleazy, greedy, American Medellín drug cartel smuggler-turned DEA narc, Barry Seal, seem like a lovable guy. American Made is a decent, fun flick that's worth a watch this weekend.

Even flatter: Flatliners

I'm shocked that a completely unnecessary, hype-free sequel to a terrible '90s sci-fi horror flick held back its reviews all week. The first Flatliners stunk, but at least it had a good cast. This is guaranteed to be worse. And why is it using the same title? Even that sucks. Skip it.


"The major challenge was to do a film based on a series of books that's really long, about 3,000 pages. The other part of it was the decision to do a PG-13 feature adaptation of books that are extremely violent and deal with violent behavior in a fairly graphic way. That was something that had to be overcome." - Stephen King's redundant take on why Nikolaj Arcel's blockbuster adaptation of his The Dark Tower series was brutal. We're with you, Mr. King.