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Drew Scott waltzes into DWTS battle!

By Jane Stevenson, Postmedia Network

Drew Scott and Emma Slater trip the light fantastic in Dancing With the Stars. TWITTER

Drew Scott and Emma Slater trip the light fantastic in Dancing With the Stars. TWITTER

Don't ask Dancing with the Stars' Canadian contestant Drew Scott who his biggest competition is on the 25th season of the reality TV competition, which is currently underway on Mondays at 8 p.m. on City and ABC.

The 32-year-old Vancouver-born realtor - best known for HGTV's Property Brothers with twin brother and contractor, Jonathan - only wants to talk about taking home the coveted Mirror Ball trophy.

"I'm in here to win," vows Scott.

"I'm working my hardest to show the diversity of my dance. From the quickstep to the rumba, I think it shows people that I have the ability to pick up the notes from the judges, pick up what (my professional partner) Emma (Slater) is trying to teach me and then showcase that to the audience."

Scott may have a point.

Despite a hamstring injury earlier in the season, the tall, dark and handsome Canuck delivered "his best dance so far," according to the judges last Tuesday night with the rumba.

Next up, tonight? The Argentine tango.

"Everyone who knows me knows that I'm the most competitive person out there and I always like a challenge," says Scott. "We got this! Canada can take this one home this year."

24 Hours caught up with Scott - whose HGTV franchises were recently spoofed on Saturday Night Live this weekend, cementing his breakout star status - down the line from Toronto.

I know you're confident but does it feel like anyone could win this year?

The thing I love about a show like this - you never know. (Most recently, Malcolm in the Middle actor) Frankie Muniz was the top scorer - and he's someone like me with no dance experience. So you really don't know. Everyone's been dancing their heart out. We were all sad to see (singer) Debbie (Gibson) go home and (Shark Tank's) Barbara Corcoran (before her) but we're all here to win. And everyone's showing it's going to be a stiff competition.

How psyched are you that this is the first season Canadians can vote on DWTS?

Oh my gosh - it's the best thing ever. I'm the only Canadian in the show and to be the first time ever, it makes so much sense. We actually made it easy for everybody. You can vote from the start of the live broadcast; you have 24 hours to vote; and we've actually have a website that Canada can just go to: it's teamhotproperty.com. Once you're there, click the Canadian flag and it takes you to where you can vote. You can vote up to 13 times (on City's website) at Dancing with the Stars - Team Hot Property (teamhotproperty.com ... Vote for #TeamHotProperty on Dancing with the Stars).

How's the hamstring?

Good, it's a little sore. I can't do a heavy load or bend my leg on that side.

But is it an early injury a warning sign?

I could have been done for the competition. But that's a just little hint to say, 'Take it easy on your body. Makes sure to take care of yourself.'

How has the reality of DWTS been compared to your perception of it?

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It's amazing. My fiancée, Linda (Phan), wanted me to be on the show even more than I did. We've asked for years - Jonathan and I both - to be on the show, sort of like a Dancing With The Stars: Brother vs. Brother, but our schedules just haven't allowed it. But this time around when they asked me, I was thinking, 'I'm going to be getting married in a matter of months,'so I'll be able to actually learn how to dance before my first wedding dance. That's what made me want to do it and it's been phenomenal.

You said you and Linda want to dance the rumba at your wedding; why?

Linda and I have always loved the rumba. And it's one of our favourite dance styles that we see when we're watching the show. Whatever dance I do for the wedding, it'll be something it will be something that I haven't done with anybody else first. It'll be Linda and me doing it for the first time. But, yeah, Emma's going to work with us to incorporate that with one of our favourite songs. Where are you getting hitched? We're actually looking at going over to Europe. We haven't set our date yet but we're working on it. Between the reno of our place in L.A., and the (Property Brothers)show, and Dancing With The Stars, it's been a nutty schedule but we're going to lock down that date soon.

And what do your family and friends think about you being on DWTS?

My family laughed at me and all my friends were like, 'Yeah, you don't dance.'They thought I was trying to pull their leg. And hopefully, what I've done so far, and (Tuesday) night's dance, shows I can take it up.

And your twin, Jonathan?

As brothers, we always tease each other. Jonathan and I obviously do the same but Jonathan's actually been blown away. Even (last Wednesday morning) on set - 'cause we took the redeye (last Tuesday) night from L.A., back here to Toronto to film (Property Brothers - Buying and Selling) - Jonathan was like, 'Are you kidding me? I had no idea you would be able to pull off something like that.'He thought I looked like a professional dancer with what I did (Tuesday) night!