Canada's sizzling hot reality TV podcast

By Nelson Branco, 24 Hrs

Host of the podcast, The Taran Show, Taran Armstrong is putting big numbers on the board. SUPPLIED

Host of the podcast, The Taran Show, Taran Armstrong is putting big numbers on the board. SUPPLIED

Canadians are in love with a new podcast interview series.

You may recognize the host, Taran Armstrong, who is chief live-feed correspondent for RobHasAPodcast.com's Big Brother and Big Brother Canada coverage for the popular site and reality podcasts. Now he's helming his own titular series which takes a deeper, more intimate look at the often-misunderstood reality TV personalities we've come to love and hate over the years.

It's an addictive podcast because many guests thus far have really opened up to Armstrong about their childhood, struggles, and their reaction to 15-minutes of fame.

(One guest revealed he once worked as an escort, had unprotected sex, and was a witness in a sensational murder case!) So far, he's featured such guests like Big Brother Canada's controversial Neda Kalantar, Survivor's Aubry Bracco and Sequester/Big Brother star Audrey Middleton.

The Taran Show broke out almost immediately, hitting No. 3 in the iTunes Film and TV podcast section in Canada. Armstrong, who quit his job as a video editor to podcast full time, says, "And that happened before I even got any Canadian guests on. It's been amazing. I had this idea because I wanted an excuse to have interesting conversations and share people's stories. I didn't know what the response would be, but it's been incredible. People are saying it's their favourite new podcast and that they can relate to one or all of the guests."

But all his fans want to know: is the super private podcaster in a relationship? The cutie patootie says, laughing, "I'm in a dedicated relationship with podcasting - let's leave it at that!" As for what's in the future, Armstrong, who has also done an expert job editing Survivor's First One Out series for the RHAP website, says to expect more Survivor coverage and a deep dive into the upcoming Big Brother Celebrity edition.