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Baseball vet Canada's new Bachelor

Canada, meet your new Bachelor, former baseball player Chris Leroux, 33. SUPPLIED

Canada, meet your new Bachelor, former baseball player Chris Leroux, 33. SUPPLIED


Ah, it's the eternal question we reality-TV fans ask: Can you really find love on TV? Beginning each Wednesday night on Oct. 11 and airing on W Network, the romantic experiment will be televised as former Major League Baseball pitcher Chris Leroux, 33, hopes to find out on The Bachelor Canada as he gets set up with 20 women vying for his love and attention.

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24 Hours dished with the handsome and ambitious playboy to see if he's ready for the dating curveballs that are headed his way.

Do you watch the Bachelor and Bachelorette franchises? If so, what are your thoughts?

I have occasionally but I admit that I was new coming into this experience. I've learned a lot. I don't have a ton of time for TV but, when I do, I tend to watch sports.

Is this about finding love or an adventure?

I'm not here to waste anyone's time - I am hoping to find love. Whether it happens or not is another thing. But meeting the women on the show, and seeing that they are real people with real feelings, I know there is a real chance for love.

Do you worry that the women are competing against each other rather than for you? How will you tell the difference?

I understand that there will be drama but I've always been a good judge of character. I believe I'll be able to tell who is here for the right reasons.

Do producers pick women based on what you tell them you are looking for in a partner? Or are you excited to date women you wouldn't maybe date outside the show?

The producers did a good job at picking women that I would be attracted to, who are here for the right reasons and want to fall in love. I've also been able to meet women that are outside of my typical type. It's been a great experience!

What are you most excited about?

I've always been a very social person, so I'm most excited about meeting new people. I've been an athlete for so long that I've been in a bit of a bubble. I'm open-minded to meeting new people and hopefully building new connections.

What are you most nervous about? Home dates?

Yes, I am most nervous about the hometown dates. I've never actually seen it on the show before - but I've heard that it could go either way. I've never not been accepted into someone's home, so I'm pretty nervous about that.

Favourite Canadian city for a date? I know you grew up in Mississauga. And favourite international city?

Toronto. People from Montreal may be upset with me because I was born there, but I think Toronto has a cool vibe and you can do basically whatever you want. Internationally, it's between L.A. and Tokyo. Tokyo is one of my favourite cities I've ever been to. I played there for a year and was able to experience a lot of it. L.A. is like Toronto, you can find anything you want to do.

Favourite thing to do in Toronto?

Although I grew up in Toronto, I've lived away for so long that when I'm home, I'm still learning what there is to do. But growing up my favourite thing to do was going to a Blue Jays game.