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SATC Cattrall drama: Sex and someone else?

Sabrina Maddeaux makes some suggestions who should replace Kim Cattrall - if anyone. GETTY

Sabrina Maddeaux makes some suggestions who should replace Kim Cattrall - if anyone. GETTY


Off-screen drama between the women of Sex and the City is starting to rival their famous on-screen antics. It all started when Kim Cattrall - a.k.a. proud, sex-positive icon Samantha Jones - opted out of a rumoured third SATC movie. Despite rumours about Cattrall's "diva" behaviour, it seems the actress just wants to move on with her career and life. She even told Entertainment Weekly the role should be recast, saying, "maybe they could make it an African-American Samantha Jones or a Hispanic Samantha Jones."

We love the idea of another actress over 40 - and possibly a woman of colour - getting the chance to join such a popular franchise.

And, quite frankly, SATC is long overdue for a little fresh blood and more diverse casting.

To get things rolling, we've curated a wishful casting list full promising talent to step into cosmo-swilling shoes of Ms.

See if you agree!

Sofia Vergara

The 45-year-old Colombian actress and model screams confident sex appeal- one of Samantha's signature qualities. smart, she's hilarious and undeniable on-camera charisma won't be overshadowed by other women of SATC. The of her twerking at the 2013 Emmys says it all. Like Samantha, who overcame breast cancer in the last season of the HBO series, Vergara has battled thyroid cancer.

Vanessa Williams

Williams'birth announcement read: "Here she is: Miss America." It wasn't wrong. She was the first African-American Miss America winner. Williams isn't just a pretty face; she's outspoken about her experience with childhood sexual assault, diabetes and having an abortion in high school. That sort of bravery, candour and fearlessness makes for a perfect Samantha.

Helena Bonham Carter

She isn't a woman of colour, but Bonham Carter deserves a spot on this dream casting list for her refusal to blend in and commitment to pushing the envelope. Like Samantha, you can't ignore Bonham Carter. Bonus: her avant-garde fashion sense will rival the most eccentric styles worn by Carrie throughout the years.

Taraji P. Henson

Taraji proved she can play queen bee like few others can as Cookie Lyon on Empire. She channels that don't-mess-with-me, total badass vibe that is essential to Samantha's character. She's often the one in the group to speak her mind in any situation and stand up for the others. Taraji's uninhibited acting style will take Samantha to the next level.

Jennifer Lopez

48-year-old Lopez is definitely not afraid to show off her sexuality and is one of the original no apologies, body-positive celebrities, even launching her own fashion label for "voluptuous" women in 2001. Like Samantha, she's been known to unabashedly date smoking hot younger men like 30-year-old backup dancer Casper Smart and 42-year-old Alex Rodriguez.

Lucy Liu

While Cattrall suggested an African-American or Hispanic actress take over the role, Asian actresses are also grossly underrepresented in Hollywood. 48-year-old Liu is one of the few to break through beyond niche roles. She can go from funny to sexy to intimidating in a heartbeat- perfect for capturing all of Samantha's many traits. She's also been involved in breast cancer awareness campaigns and is a public supporter of marriage equality for gays and lesbians.

Nicki Minaj

Minaj is only 34 years old, which makes her the youngest entry on this list. However, her bigger-than-life persona and fierce attitude can't be overlooked. While she's best known for her rap skills, Minaj has appeared in several films. She's broken down barriers for women in the music industry, speaks out about sexism and, in a move worthy of Samantha, makes a habit of autographing women's breasts as part of her movement to empower women. Her bold fashion choices, which often include designers Alexander McQueen, Gianni Versace and Christian Louboutin alongside colourful wigs and skin-tight latex, will spice up the SATC wardrobe closet.

Maya Rudolph

Rudolph is hilarious and incredibly versatile; there's no doubt she could transform into a fantastic Samantha Jones. Her time spent in New York City taping Saturday Night Live gives her real-life cred as a New Yorker and her improv skills will keep the new script from feeling stale. Samantha was one of the biggest comedic forces on the series, and Rudolph has the right stuff to keep fans laughing.

Alan Cumming

It's 2017 and about time SATC featured more than fringe LGBTQ characters. 52-year-old Cumming could play a fantastic "Sam" Jones with his signature wit and sharp tongue. The Manhattanite has an authentic NYC edge and, as a bisexual man and LGBTQ activist, would be a progressive addition to the cast.

Angela Bassett

Bassett is well versed in playing strong women and has talent to rival Meryl Streep. She's outspoken about avoiding demeaning and stereotypical African-American roles, which means she'd never let Samantha become a token character or mired in cliches. She's also no stranger to the sort of sex scenes Samantha became known for: in 2015, she filmed one with Lady Gaga for American Horror Story.