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24 Minutes with Current Swell

By Joe Leary

Current Swell. (Michelle Dowdy photo)

Current Swell. (Michelle Dowdy photo)

Recording with Grammy-winning producer Jacquire King in both Nashville and Vancouver, Victoria indie rockers Current Swell has released their most telling album to date, When to Talk and When to Listen. Prior to their appearance Saturday, November 4 at the Commodore Ballroom, Joe Leary spent 24 Minutes with frontman Scott Stanton.

Reading about the new record it seems to draw on some rather personal experiences. Is it easy to write from such an emotional place?

It's always different; sometimes it can be hard to draw from a personal place but sometimes it just comes out of you.

You said this album really captured what was in your head. What brought this change about?

I just meant that this record sounds like what I was hearing in my head and what I imagined the song would sound like.

The record was not without some tension during its recording but it appears to have brought the group and more importantly, your artistry to a better place. Can you elaborate on this process?

Yeah there's always tension when recording but this time the producer really captained the ship and we weren't used to that. I think it made us better musicians.

Nashville and Vancouver would appear to be distinctly different places. What did each environment bring?

It's more the environment in the studio than it is out the studio. But both amazing places in great places to record music.

In your three albums thus far, how do you feel the group has grown?

We take it a lot more serious these days. In the past it was more of a hobby and now everything we add or take away from the song is carefully thought out.

What does 2018 hold for Current Swell?

Hopefully another record and touring.