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FALL TV REPORT CARD: The winners and the losers

The Deuce, a 1970s drama centred around the sex trade in Times Square starring James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal, is one of Denette Wilford's winners. Her only complaint? There are only eight episodes. HBO

The Deuce, a 1970s drama centred around the sex trade in Times Square starring James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal, is one of Denette Wilford's winners. Her only complaint? There are only eight episodes. HBO


We're nearly two months into the new fall season but figured it was about to time to weigh in on what's working, what's not and what needs work. The good news? There's a lot that's been jiving.

And the bad? Well, anyone with eyes knows what has been malfunctioning. As far as the things that are in the middle of the pack (be it because of story, writing, timeslot, ratings, etc.), here's hoping those shows can iron out its wrinkles and figure out how to make an impact - while they still can.


The Good Doctor

The medical drama is, hands down, the fall's breakout hit and has been vying for top spot in the ratings with reigning champ, The Big Bang Theory.

Will & Grace

Sometimes revivals do work. The comedy about four friends, two of them gay, was groundbreaking when it first aired, and while it isn't as hot as it was from 1998 to 2006, people are still tuning in, so much so that NBC's top-rated comedy has already been renewed.

Big Mouth

Puberty is a dramatic, confusing time in our lives and no series tackles it quite like the animated Netflix series, co-created by Nick Kroll. It's rude, crude and weird but also hilarious, poignant and arguably the most accurate depiction of adolescence that's ever appeared onscreen.

The Gifted

One of the three Marvel offerings this season, this is far and away the best - and based on its numbers, fans agree.


One of three military dramas this season, this has earned both critical acclaim and a loyal viewership. Its CBS-ness and the David Boreanaz love are the key reasons for its success.

The Deuce

My only complaint? That this excellent series was only eight episodes. The finale, which just aired this past Sunday, set it up perfectly for Season 2.

Star Trek: Discovery

The cast is great, the production value is good and it's evident that the Star Trek mythology is strong. The numbers continue to impress, so much so that CBS All Access renewed it for a second season after six episodes aired.

Ted Danson

The twist at the end of last season could've been a tough act to follow but The Good Place has risen to the occasion with continued surprises, clever writing, and a wicked ensemble led by the always-game Danson. Michael started off the season evil but with each interaction with the core four comes tiny ways in which the character develops more human characteristics. He makes it forking fun to watch.

Jason Ritter

The dramedy took a bit of time to find itself but with a trusty captain like Ritter at the helm, proving week after week he's capable of just about anything, Kevin Probably Saves the World is simply heartwarming to behold.

Justin Hartley

While Sterling K. Brown and Chrissy Metz got most of the This Is Us love in its freshman year, it's Hartley's turn to show off his acting chops this time around. Showing that Kevin is clearly Jack's son, we're getting insight into the character who was once just a fun, sarcastic, hot guy and seeing there's more to him than an eight-pack and one-liners.

Meghan McCain

Unlike Megyn Kelly, she left Fox News and flourished, sparking with the ladies of The View. She may be staunch Republican but she can balance it with her co-hosts, boasts stunning style, and she's funny to boot. Elisabeth Hasselback, she definitely is NOT.

Daniel Dae Kim

If you're wondering why you haven't seen the former Hawaii Five-0 star, that's because he's behind the scenes of fall hit The Good Doctor, serving as one of the executive producers of ABC's hit show. Suck on that, CBS.


Ten Days in the Valley

Not even Kyra Sedgwick could save the lowest-rated network newcomer. At least there are only five more days to go.


Yes, it's not the network's lowest-rated comedy (that would be Me, Myself & I) but this week was the first in which 9JKL didn't have its Big Bang lead-in. Expect its numbers to have plummeted.

Marvel's Inhumans

Sorry, I'm too unconscious from boredom to write about this one. Excuse me while I go back to zzzzzzzzzzzz ...

Me, Myself & I

Sadly, CBS's worst sitcom, 9JKL, performs better than the Bobby Moynihan vehicle - which is probably why the latter was cancelled. Maybe Moynihan, a huge Big Brother fan, will find himself back on CBS when the net debuts its celebrity edition early 2018.

The Brave

The good news? The Brave is SO good. The bad? Its time-slot competitor is the hottest new show of the season. Trying not to love it as much as I do and keep my distance but I won't be surprised if NBC pulls the plug either.


The move to Friday is slowly going to kill this show, right off the air.


The CW took a shot at the military genre and it can't stop the bleeding. Too soapy and just a bad fit for the network.

Ray Donovan

What started out as a must-watch series is now surviving on fumes. With the sixth season headed to New York (because Liev Schreiber was done doing the show in L.A.), hopefully the location change revives it.

Wisdom of the Crowd

People are not feeling reported set diva Jeremy Piven and his thirst for vengeance and justice. People also aren't feeling the latest accusations against the actor, from a woman who claims he groped and harassed her on the set of his former series, Entourage. At press time, CBS is "looking into the matter." Ugh, this s---is neverending.

Kevin Spacey

Less than 24 hours after Anthony Rapp's Buzzfeed interview was published, in which the actor recounted how Spacey tried to get sexual with him when he was 14, Spacey tweeted an apology but also used that platform as a way to tell the world what we've known all along. Ugh. Trying to smooth over his alleged pedophilia with coming out should be a beautiful thing. Nope. Cancelled. House of Cards cast and crew It sucks that staffers will suffer for Spacey's reported wrongdoings while he's going to walk away the most financially secure. Guess that's how the world works, though. Sigh.

James Corden

His Harvey Weinstein jokes so soon after hordes of women revealed their sexual assaults and attempted attacks did not sit well with anyone.

Megyn Kelly

The network's gamble to try and steal Fox News's big star failed. Miserably. So much so that Fox News viewers won't even switch the channel. She's offended guests, messed up on-air, and Kelly and Ryan are owning her in the ratings. Bad investment, NBC.

Seth MacFarlane

He's made a lot of money for Fox over the years so they let him make anything. But did they think "anything" was going to be this? The Orville may be a sci-fi show but it's not entertaining, nor is it funny - in the way you would expect from MacFarlane, or at ALL.

Harvey Weinstein

He's a loser for so many reasons but with his name still attached to several projects, they're the ones who will suffer. From Project Runway and Mob Wives, to the upcoming Spy Kids: Mission Critical and second season of Six, their fate is up in the air.


Young Sheldon

After airing only one episode, CBS gave the Big Bang prequel a full-season order - and is basically the definition of counting one's chickens before they've hatched. The show returned last night on its new night; we'll see if viewers will have returned to a show that really isn't anything like its predecessor.

Chelsea Handler

Her weekly talk show, Chelsea, wasn't doing so hot, so she'll pulling the plug after Season 2 is up. But she's not down and out; her plan now is to focus on activism, write a book and continue working with Netflix but in a different capacity: an original documentary highlighting her perspective on the current political climate. Time will tell if people will have trouble finding her again.

Ryan Seacrest

Not sure what's it going to be like when he has to balance his Live! duties with American Idol but I have a feeling it'll be Seacrest out if Kelly Ripa is unhappy.

The Walking Dead

Just when you think the show is so damn predictable, it decides to give viewers an artsy-fartsy episode filled with action but almost no dialogue. If you don't know what to make of it, I can't help you. But bringing back a Season 1 character some people will have to Google if they haven't rewatched the series is practically pandering. Just stick to it being an all out war and let's leave it at that.