Canada gender pay gap among worst in OECD

QMI Agency

Canadian men on average get paid more than 20% more than their female colleagues, giving the country one of the highest gender gaps among the 30 OECD nations.

Only Korea, Japan and Germany rank higher than Canada in paying men more than women. Canada is in fourth place along with the United Kingdom, according to Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development statistics.

On average, men's wages across the OECD are 18% higher than those of women, the organization said.

"Despite many improvements in women's employment outcomes, there are still many gender gaps that need to be addressed," the Paris-based OECD said in a report released on International Women's Day.

The report found that the overall number of women in work is high at 62%, however only about one-third of managerial posts are held by women. About 25% of women work in part-time positions, compared with just 6% of men, it found.

The OECD said it wants to see reforms promoting a more equal use of parental leave between men and women, so women aren't perceived as caring less about their careers than men.

It also favours more investment in childcare so the high costs do not prove a barrier to women returning to work, as well as more flexible working practices.