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RCMP tarnishes reputation by inaction on bondage issue

The RCMP is under fire after images of bondage surfaced allegedly involving a Mountie. (SCREEN GRAB/SUBMITTED)

The RCMP is under fire after images of bondage surfaced allegedly involving a Mountie. (SCREEN GRAB/SUBMITTED)

A Coquitlam Mountie is rightfully facing a code-of-conduct inquiry surrounding images that appeared on the Internet, allegedly portraying him in staged bondage scenes.

Why did it take the photos being made public for senior brass to look seriously at this issue?

Police are rightly held to a higher standard. Posing for bondage photos and posting them on a website wearing Mountie-issued uniform boots should easily have been considered likely to bring the force into disrepute. If proven, the member should be reprimanded for it.

But there's more to this.

Some of the alleged pictures at issue portray a kidnap-rape scenario. That in itself should set the alarm bells clanging.

Yet, the Coquitlam detachment seems to have known about these pictures since earlier this year. They were, evidently, reviewed by RCMP legal services and a determination was made that it was off-duty, non-criminal and adult consensual activity.

Surely the posting of the pictures reflecting bondage should fall under the catch-all "conduct unbecoming" aspect of the RCMP Act which has in it, "to act at all times in a courteous, respectful and honourable manner; and to maintain the honour of the force and its principles and purposes."

Why would the RCMP brush it aside?

Further, in considering the kidnap-rape aspect it's important to understand that the fantasy is not about sex. It is about the erotic thrill from dominance, power and control.

Would it not concern the RCMP that one of their members who gets an erotic thrill from power interacts with the public while carrying a badge and a gun?

Then there's the portrayal and the degradation of women. Considering the harassment allegations, bullying complaints and lawsuits that have been in the news in the last year, would not the force just maybe think this might be a problem?

Finally, there's the posting of pictures of this nature on the Internet. Why would any member interested in protecting his or her career risk it in such a way? It defies logic.

Considering the flags it raises, why would they not have undertaken a thorough investigation?

In discussing this with Maureen McGrath, host of the CKNW Sunday Night Sex Show, she said, "When you get all these red flags, it's time to look further. The RCMP needs to be the parent here."

It would seem their failure to act on the warning signs, possibly so as not to tarnish the reputation of the RCMP, did exactly that.