Listen to me


Why am I writing an article about the Ramblin' Ambassadors upcoming show, a gig that doesn't even take place until a week from tomorrow?

Well, in case you music fans have forgotten, it's already time again for Vancouver's annual music festival - New Music West (May 14-18). And just like with any overbooked social event, one must get their invites out early before people foolishly make other plans they can't get out of (eg. committing to some 'CFOX Presents...' show).

Formed in 2003 from the ashes of surf punk aficionados Huevos Rancheros, Ramblin' Ambassadors have been handily filling the instrumental surf-rock void left behind by their legendary predecessors ever since.

With a live show that rivals that of any touring Canuck rock act (it's a proven fact that instrumental bands always put on the best shows), guitarist Brent J. Cooper, bassist Scott Nickless, drummer Tyger Pickering and guitarist Doug Waite promise to deliver one of the highlights of next week's festivities.

And just to ensure it is a show to remember, New Music West 2008 also falls in the same week as the release of Ramblin' Ambassadors sophomore release Vista Cruiser/Country Squire. If that doesn't make the show a 'lock for rock,' I don't know what will.

Add to all this the fact the Ramblin' Ambassadors will be joined by legendary country songstress Carolyn Mark, Edmonton's Hot Panda, and the Great Outdoors (who, following the success of their hit singly "Spring Flower" have arguably become the city's hottest of late), and you've got yourself a show that can't be missed. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if I saw the Fox himself there.

Ramblin' Ambassadors

May 16, $10

The Railway Club

579 Dunsmuir St., Vancouver