Morgan hopes to stay on 'Vampire'

Bill Harris, QMI Agency
Joseph Morgan, who plays Klaus on "The Vampire Diaries" (Handout)

Joseph Morgan, who plays Klaus on "The Vampire Diaries" (Handout)

Elena made a toast near the end of last week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries.

(Spoiler alert: Up-to-date plot points are discussed here).

Elena’s words as she raised her glass:

“To a Klaus-free life.”

Noooo. It bloody well can’t be.

As we head into the third-season finale of The Vampire Diaries, which airs Thursday, May 10 on CW and CTV Two, “original” vampire Klaus has been desiccated.

Does that mean Klaus, played in delightfully dangerous fashion by Joseph Morgan, is done?

Not necessarily. This is The Vampire Diaries, after all.

But either way, we have to say that in the past year and a half, Klaus has been perhaps the most impactful and impressive villain on TV.

“I hope he’s going to stay around,” Morgan said of Klaus. “The truth is none of us know, not Nina (Dobrev, who plays Elena), not Paul (Wesley, who plays Stefan), not Ian (Somerhalder, who plays Damon). We all get our contracts renewed during the break.

“I’m not ready to be done with the character yet. I hope he’s sticking around for a little while, but that’s really up to (the producers).”

It was in the last four episodes of the second season that Morgan arrived as Klaus. The Klaus character had been built up as the epitome of evil, so those were pretty big fangs to fill.

“I was doing four episodes, and I knew if I screwed them up I was not coming back, so there was that pressure,” admitted Morgan, a native of England who turns 31 next week. “But I knew if everything went well, I was coming back for this season, at least. I wasn’t expecting it, but I was hoping.”

Klaus’ desiccation scene in last week’s episode was really well put together and highlighted a notably good acting job by Morgan. Klaus has been such a powerful and violent character that seeing his essence slowly drain from him, and the look of surprise and fear in his bulging eyes, was almost sad in a bizarre way.

“I think before Klaus arrived, the element that was missing - although Damon has it to a certain extent - was the really playful element, the guy who’s not afraid of anything, the Hannibal Lecter kind of crazy scary, presented with a quiet calm,” Morgan said.

“But the more I did it, the more I had to pull away from just two-dimensional evil and give this guy motive. I don’t think we ever get to the point that we forgive what Klaus has done, but at least we can understand it.”

As last week’s episode ended, Damon and Stefan were keen on dumping Klaus’ desiccated body into the Atlantic Ocean.

Yes, Klaus is a trouble-maker. But on behalf of Joseph Morgan, not to mention devotees of The Vampire Diaries, we have to say it:

“Swim, Klaus, swim!”