Indian glitterati celebrate country's independence

Poonam Pandey was one of many Bollywood celebrities taking to Twitter to celebrate India's Independence Day. (FROM TWITTER)

Poonam Pandey was one of many Bollywood celebrities taking to Twitter to celebrate India's Independence Day. (FROM TWITTER)

The 65th anniversary of India's Independence was celebrated Wednesday, and many of Bollywood's leading celebrities turned to social media to express their thoughts and good wishes.

Most of us are at least vaguely of how Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who later became more famously known by his moniker Mahatma (Great Soul), catalyzed India's independence movement through his famous tactic of passive resistance.

Thanks to the man Winston Churchill once criticized as a "half-naked fakir," nearly 200 years of repression and exploitation came to an end. And at the stroke of midnight on August 15,1947, India was reborn as a sovereign nation.

Digitalspy.ca chronicled a list of good wishes from a few Bollywood bigwigs to commemorate the anniversary. Amitabh Bachchan tweeted: "Happy Independence Day. India breathed freely on the 15th of August 1947 .in remembrance of those that fought and sacrificed!"

Lara Dutta wrote: "Happy Independence Day folks! I pray for independence in thought! So that we are informed, mature citizens, not influenced by herd mentality."

Poonam Pandey tweeted a comely picture of herself smiling and holding an Indian flag.

For his Independence Day message, Shahrukh Khan adopted a slightly different slant. He expressed a wish that India's women enjoy greater freedom and respect in coming years: "I want women to be free and given equal opportunity like men-even in terms of education."

Many more celebrities and citizens had something to say about India's anniversary. For the most part, the messages were mixture of pride and hope, tinged with an acknowledgement that there is still progress to be made.

And perhaps it's that humble acceptance the country hasn't quite arrived that continues to propel it forward. Although India is still young and struggling with many internal wars of ideology, being Indian has become a source of pride to local residents and those scattered across the globe.

It'll be interesting to see if the country can fulfill its destiny and become the political, spiritual, and economic powerhouse the world expects. Happy 65th, India.

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