Bell, Shepard put off marriage

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. (Judy Eddy/WENN.COM)

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. (Judy Eddy/WENN.COM)

LOS ANGELES -- Working together didn't stall their wedding plans. Politics did -- according to Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard.

"We've been very vocal about not wanting to be married in a state that doesn't allow that right to all of its citizens," says Bell, who began dating Shepard in 2007 and got engaged after the duo co-starred in 2010's When in Rome.

"We'll wait until California gets on the right side of history."

Bell is talking about Proposition 8, voted in by Californians in 2008, which denies marriage rights to same sex couples.

So in the meantime, they're content to play a squabbling couple -- it's just like being married -- in Hit and Run.

Written and co-directed by Shepard, the comedy, now playing, has the pair undertaking a lethal road trip to Los Angeles involving jealous boyfriends, bumbling cops and psycho killers.

"It's us in our first year of our relationship -- the year where you really suss out whether you actually want to spend a lot of time with this person," Bell says.

"Can you get over your insecurities and really trust them like you trust yourself? We have very different pasts but yet we love each other and we got through."

With Bell starring as predatory management consultant Jeannie Van Der Hooven on TV's House of Lies and Shepard spending his days as everyman Crosby Braverman on the set of Parenthood, the couple says they generally lead separate lives.

"It's almost like we had to schedule work to get that to happen," says Shepard about finally getting to spend some time with his fiancee, albeit on a film set. "Neither of us would have willingly gone on vacation for six weeks. We couldn't ethically have done that but we could definitely work together for six weeks."

Which is exactly what they did -- going from script to principal photography in an astonishingly short period, then taking another six weeks to shoot the movie.

Part of the reason it was so easy to finance? Shepard's many good friends who agreed to appear in the movie -- such as Bradley Cooper as a unhinged bank robber with nasty-looking dreadlocks and tinted shades. Another addition to the cast was Tom Arnold, who owed his friend a favour after Shepard served as best man at his wedding.

"Everyone in the movie is like really close, close friends with us," says Shepard about his cast, which includes Parenthood star Joy Bryant and Kristin Chenoweth in a cameo.

"I think that was the thing we had in common," Arnold says. "Everybody loves Dax."

But none more than Bell.

"Seeing the man I love really accomplish one of his dreams -- which is directing a real car chase movie. It's fun to be able to actually be together and doing what we love."