Not working on 'Justice League': Affleck

Liz Braun, QMI Agency
Ben Affleck (WENN.COM file photo)

Ben Affleck (WENN.COM file photo)

In an exclusive Canadian interview yesterday, Ben Affleck talked about the rumour mill connecting his name to the highly anticipated Justice League movie.

Affleck had been singled out as the leading contender to direct the Warner Bros. blockbuster, but he said on that subject, "I'm not working on the Justice League. One of the problems with entertainment web sites is that they need to fill pages, and that's how rumours get started."

He continued, "Justice League sounds really exciting, but it's not something I'm working on."

But N.B. conspiracy theorists: Affleck's tone of voice suggested that he will not be directing the film, but on second glance, his words could be viewed as ambiguous. Anyone keen to split hairs will point out that, "I'm not working on the Justice League," a statement made in the present tense, is not the same as saying, "I will not be directing that movie." Affleck could truthfully say he's not working on the Justice League (right now) but still go ahead and direct it in the future.

On the flip side, as the actor/filmmaker has said he's not interested in directing a film unless it also involves a role for him, it seems unlikely that Affleck would direct anything that required him to once more don a cape or tights.

Are you confused yet? We don't think Ben Affleck is directing the Justice League.