Don't forget about Blair in 'Management'

Selma Blair and Charlie Sheen star in Anger Management. (Handout)

Selma Blair and Charlie Sheen star in Anger Management. (Handout)

Maybe you should sit down for this. It's going to be hard to take.


There actually are other people in the Charlie Sheen series Anger Management besides Charlie Sheen.

Disorienting, I know. Just try to breathe.

And even more mind-blowing, you may even have heard of one of Sheen's Anger Management co-stars.

Her name is Selma Blair.

And you'll get to see lots more of Blair -- and more of Charlie, too, don't panic -- as Anger Management airs in its regular time slot on Canadian television, starting Tuesday on CTV.

Through her acting work in movies, TV, and even as a Grammy Award-nominated spoken-word artist, the 40-year-old Blair has been known to audiences for about 15 years now. In Anger Management Blair plays Dr. Kate Wales, the best-friend-with-benefits and therapist of Sheen's own therapist character.

"The captain of this ship is a pretty great guy," Blair said at the Television Critics Association tour in Los Angeles last month. "What else could you ask for? It's great."

Blair did marvel, however, at the "rehearsing is for sissies" way in which Anger Management is shot.

"You just flew, and Charlie, who is in every scene, I can't even fathom," Blair said.

"It was an amazing experience, and it's an incredible rush to just kind of say your lines for the first time in front of a camera and hope you work again one day."

Well, that part is not going to be a problem.

Anger Management now is guaranteed contractually for 100 total episodes, since specific ratings goals were achieved in the first 10 episodes that aired on FX in the United States.

Now, in the States Anger Management will never get the kind of ratings Sheen's old show, Two and a Half Men, achieved, because Anger Management is airing on a cable network rather than a big U.S. broadcast network like CBS.

In Canada, though, Anger Management is airing on CTV, so Sheen's new show is likely to do better here ratings-wise on a relative basis.

Speaking of 100, if it seems as if Anger Management has launched about 100 times already, we understand. This year particularly, TV networks on both sides of the border have been keen on trying to create buzz for their shows by engineering multiple launches and sneak peeks and time-period premieres, blah blah blah. It's re-packaging to the extreme.

Long story short: Anger Management launched on FX in the U.S. in June, and the first 10 episodes have aired there. In Canada, CTV "sneak-peeked" the pilot episode after the Olympics, replayed the pilot last week, and will now move ahead Tuesday with what technically is episode two of the series.

Phew. I'm winded just from typing that.

The overall point is, Charlie Sheen is back on Canadian TV on a regular basis, starting Tuesday.

But while you're watching the world revolve around Charlie, keep a keen eye for some of his co-stars, such as Selma Blair. She's very cute and she actually has a pretty big part, if you care to notice.