'Survivor' medical evacuees

Lindsey Ward, QMI Agency
Michael Skupin, Bruce Kanegai, Jonathan Penner and James Clement. (Handouts)

Michael Skupin, Bruce Kanegai, Jonathan Penner and James Clement. (Handouts)

Only the strong survive? Well, not necessarily.

When it comes to Survivor, sometimes it's the best, brawniest players who wind up with broken bones. Or infected fingers. Or worse.

But starting Wednesday night on CBS and Global, three of the game's most beloved medical evacuees -- Michael Skupin, Jonathan Penner and Russell Swan -- are getting another shot at the $1 million when the reality TV dinosaur heads to the Philippines for its 25th (yes, 25th) season.

Of course, they aren't the only ones who have suffered from premature evacuation. Here's a look at the full list of short-term Survivors:

Michael Skupin

The Australian Outback (2001)

Skupin became the first Survivor to be medically evacuated after he inhaled a cloud of smoke from the campfire and passed out into the flames on Day 18. He suffered major burns all over his body, worst of all on his hands, and had to be treated off-camp.

Bruce Kanegai

Panama - Exile Island (2006)

He couldn't go, so he had to go. Yes, severe constipation on Day 25 didn't make for the most flattering exit for Bruce, but the well-respected black belt returned as a jury member later in the game.

Gary Stritesky

Fiji (2007)

First they thought it was heat rash. But it turns out Papa Smurf's lightheadedness and breathing issues were from an allergic reaction to some bug bites. He had to leave the game on Day 10 -- but not before choking down a couple of hairy pig snouts to win an immunity challenge for his tribe.

Jonathan Penner

Micronesia (2008)

He'd already survived a season in Cook Islands, but Penner's return was less than triumphant when he had to be removed from the game with a potentially fatal infection in his knee.

James Clement

Micronesia (2008)

After a bout of bad luck in China, strongman James returned for another go in Micronesia, only to be evacuated with an infected finger on Day 31. The repeat Survivor had yet another chance a few seasons later on Heroes vs. Villains, but a busted-up knee made him a liability for his tribe. D'oh!

Joe Dowdle

Tocantins (2009)

Low-key player Joe slipped under the radar -- and out of the game completely -- when a scrape on his left leg developed into a staph infection that required immediate surgery on Day 21.

Mike Borassi

Samoa (2009)

Remember Mike? Neither do we. Perhaps because he only made it to Day 5, when he was sent home with low blood pressure.

Russell Swan

Samoa (2009)

Scariest evacuation ever. Tribeleader Russell nearly died when his heart rate dropped dangerously low during a rainy challenge on Day 15. Everyone watched nervously as the medic strapped an oxygen mask over Russell's mouth. He came out alive -- but his chances at the $1 million were kaput.

Kourtney Moon

One World (2012)

A fractured arm made Kourtney the first female to be medically evacuated from the game just three days in. While it seemed like a relatively minor injury, it was the first of two post-Survivor hospital visits for the cute contestant, who had a grapefruit-size tumor removed from her abdomen shortly before the show aired.