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Theo Tams anything but idle since Canadian win


Last year's Canadian Idol winner can't bear to tune into the current season of American Idol.

"I have not watched one episode," Theo Tams said. "It's so hard for me to watch the show now. It stresses me out. I just remember how hard it was to stay composed. I'm so glad my ride is over."

With his debut album, Give It All Away, being released May 19, one could argue though that Tams' ride is only just beginning.

Since winning the national talent competition last September, Tams strayed from the usual Idol path of pushing out a record within a few months and opted instead to take his time co-writing and recording. The resulting product is one he's proud of.

"I really wanted to make a record that would be very universal," the southern Alberta native said. "I wanted to write songs that anyone could hear and take something to be inspired by. Releasing a record in two months is an impossible thing to do."

Though Tams hopes his music will eventually branch out to the U.S. and other countries, he's keeping his feet, as well as his aspirations, firmly planted on the ground for the time being.

"I try to go into it with no expectations," he said. "One step at a time I guess."

In the meantime, the singer is still trying to adjust to his newfound celebrity status since attaining the Idol crown.

"[Getting recognized] is the one thing I don't think I'll ever get used to," he stated.

Tams will kick off a cross-country tour sometime in July and Vancouverites will get a chance to view the crooner in the flesh when he makes it to town.

Admirers might also want to take note - the singer is currently "as single as they come," though it might take a bit of work to get his attention.

"Right now I'm so busy as it is so I don't get a chance to meet people," he admitted. "Before I start looking to hook up I should make sure my career is established."