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Lanois calls Young's talent 'mysterious'


Le Noise producer Daniel Lanois was asked to describe Neil Young's talent backstage in the media room at the Junos on Sunday night.

"It's a mysterious talent that he has," said Lanois, who won best producer at the Junos on Saturday night during the non-televised gala dinner.

"Part of him is very childish and has a fascination with the fundamentals of this equipment we share, a love for the guitars and the amps and we have similar apparatus. And so that part of him is more like the kid who takes apart the family car and puts it back together. We have kind of a mechanical Canadian connection.

"And then the other part is absolutely indescribable. It's about imagination - it's not an easy place to understand. Everybody has a different set of rules that they play by and I think we safely say that Neil's got a very broad imagination and so I appreciate that he thinks about things that I've never thought about and maybe that's good about relationships. Not everybody should be the same person."

Given how well the collaboration worked, why did it take them so long?

"He didn't need me before," said Lanois. "He was already making great records. I said to (Young's manager) Elliot Roberts, if he wants to make a record that takes him to the unknown then he's come to the right place."