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Gallagher blames bad tour on brother

Liam Gallagher WENN.COM

Liam Gallagher WENN.COM

Liam Gallagher has conceded his singing during Oasis' doomed final tour was dreadful, and he blames his poor performances on the earphones he wore to drown out brother Noel's loud guitar.

The Beady Eye frontman attracted swathes of criticism for his half-hearted vocals towards the end of his former band's career as he often shouted his lines or cut them short.

Gallagher has now admitted his singing in recent years has been "s***" but he's adamant Noel is responsible because he turned his guitar up too loud, forcing the frontman to use noise-reducing earphones onstage.

Gallagher tells NME, "I've been getting a right kicking! I didn't know I sounded that s***, but I'm gonna explain this now, right? I was using them in-ear monitors, and that isolated me from the band. I had to, cos our kid (Noel) was, like, up to 900 (on the guitar amps), so f***ing loud."