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'Canada Sings' returns with Vanilla Ice


Most people know Rob Van Winkle for a certain early '90s rap hit.

But two decades after Ice Ice Baby became the first hip hop song to top the Billboard charts, Van Winkle a.k.a. Vanilla Ice has created a new identity: reality show personality.

On Tuesday, he returns for a second season of Global's Canada Sings as a judge where he'll likely be issuing a new collection of his trademark sayings, such as "pop ya colla and holla", to workplace glee clubs competing for their favourite charities. Here then: five questions for the Iceman.

1. What made you want to come back for another season of Canada Sings?

To see these guys put these acts together for a charity that has touched them personally, is amazing. Like one guy's wife was dying of MS, she was there watching him, and he put on this great performance, and at the end he starts crying, and we feel that. As judges, it's hard for us, because we get emotional, too. We can't take our heart out and set it to the side and watch this "¦ It's hard. It'd be way easier to sit next to Simon Cowell and go, "That sucked!" You can't do that!

2. What's new for season two?

They took season one, which was a success, and they polished it all up. More lights, more talent. Some of 'em are just so good, it's like they could be in Vegas and destroy 90 percent of the shows that are in Vegas.

3. You were one of the earliest white rappers to achieve major success, along with Beastie Boys. How did Adam Yauch's death affect you?

Shock. MCA is gone. He was kind of the leader of that group, he was the founder of that group, and it's sad to see him go. 47, golly. But it goes to show you -- yesterday's history, tomorrow's a mystery... Be happy you're alive. Every day above ground is a good day, man.

4. What are your thoughts on music today?

Image and gimmick has taken over, instead of music, and it's kind of sad...I don't care what (performers) look like, what their gimmick is, what their image is, what colour their skin is, anything. A good song is a good song.

5. You had a cameo in the second Ninja Turtles film in the '90s. Would you consider appearing on the soundtrack for Michael Bay's Turtles reboot?

I hope so. I don't have anything in writing, but you never know (lifts his pant leg to reveal a Ninja Turtles tattoo). I'm a Turtle fan.