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Kyprios still 'chasing the feeling'

Vancouver hip-hop artist Kyprios is ready to take it to the next level, including on stage Saturday in North Vancouver. (FILE PHOTO)

Vancouver hip-hop artist Kyprios is ready to take it to the next level, including on stage Saturday in North Vancouver. (FILE PHOTO)

Local hip-hop artist Kyprios is one of the most inventive artists on today's music scene. Prior to his free, headlining appearance Saturday at Concerts in the Square in North Vancouver, 'Kyp' spent 24 Seconds with Joe Leary.

24: When did you decide to pursue music?

Kyprios: I made my decision to pursue an artistic vocation at around 19. I was into acting, rapping and spoken word (slam) poetry and was going into debt at UVic studying when all I wanted to do was perform. After my second year of university I had a successful opening show for Swollen Members and the very next day I was on a TV show called Dead Man's Gun . I was having beers with my buddy Mike Ferry at Lynn Canyon the next weekend and remember telling him that I wasn't going to do anything else except chase the feeling that I had last week. I dropped out, moved to New York City six months later, took some acting classes in Greenwich Village, participated in slams and rap battles and never looked back

24: What advice do you offer aspiring young performers?

Kyprios: Get an education. Have something to fall back on. Attack your craft. Work harder at your passion than ambitious students or successful professionals work at their hustle. Nothing is promised, treat it like a hobby and don't expect to receive anything from your art and be satisfied and happy if you are ever lucky enough to do what you love for a living. Not many of us can say we live off what we love to do.

24: As a big sports fan, did you ever want to pursue athletics?

Kyprios: I love sports but didn't have enough talent anywhere to make a serious bid. Couldn't hit a jump shot; couldn't figure out which way to hold a hockey stick. Couldn't score a cracker from outside 20 yards or get to the tape quick enough to strike a pose like Bolt. I was a hard worker and coaches loved me because there was never a lack of effort or passion.

24: You're a new father. How has that changed your life?

Kyprios: Everything is weighted differently. Each decision has another dimension, even the benign. The miracle of it all is still the miracle, but there's like a new gear in the transmission in terms of the capacity to love. There is an entirely newfound respect for my mother, my wife and women in general. It's impacted everything.

24: As a Canucks fan, what are your expectations for the team?

Kyprios: We have some clutter and a bit of a mess to clean up, but as usual we have enough talent to make the playoffs easily and get into the dance. We gel at the right time, who knows? Isn't, not knowing what to expect from the Canucks kind of the charm?