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Faber Drive still having fun with music

Mission's Faber Drive are set to release their third full-length album Lost in Paradise. (SUBMITTED PHOTO)

Mission's Faber Drive are set to release their third full-length album Lost in Paradise. (SUBMITTED PHOTO)

Juno-nominees Faber Drive, one of 604 Records numerous success stories, are back with their third full-length CD, Lost in Paradise. Joe Leary spent 24 Seconds with vocalist/guitarist Dave Faber and bassist Jeremy 'Krikit' Liddle.

24: The singles Do it in Hollywood and Candy Store are catchy and have good hooks, which is generally what artists strives for. When you're writing songs are you thinking in terms of them being radio hits?

Krikit: I wouldn't say radio hits so much as good songs, and that's kind of always been our mission with Faber Drive. We're not really defined with a particular sound; we're more about good songs. We love everything from country to metal to pop and dance club stuff. In fact, two of our guitarist JP's favourite bands are Pantera and Backstreet Boys.

We have a lot of influences and we're more just about writing songs than we are about chasing hits or trying to fit into any particular genre.

24: So you feel it's important to continually grow as artists rather than find a formula or sound and stick with it?

DF: I think so because we're big believers in music; we love all kinds. One of the big differences for us from the first album to the second is that we didn't have a producer for the second. That producer didn't have time and it sucked because we really liked the sound of the first record and wanted to keep that going. It was basically just me and Krikit left in the band, so we holed up in my barn for about three months and fooled around with having fun with music and that's where G-Get Up and Dance! came from.

When we first started recording it we didn't think of it as a single, it was more of a side project. Management and the label thought it was awesome so we went with it. It's a good thing we did because it did really well for us.

24: It's obviously great for you guys to be on 604 Records because of how successful the label's become. Does that add any pressure on you?

Krikit: It's funny; when we're on tour in the East, we hear a lot from other bands about the 'West Coast Invasion' because all these artists on 604 are doing so well across Canada, and it's almost like B.C. has taken over the music industry these days. There are a lot of talented bands from Ontario that we play with but Vancouver and the surrounding area has become a hotbed.

DF: Plus it's cool to see someone that's from our hometown blow up like she did.

It's pretty crazy. We grew up in Mission and Carly (Rae Jepsen) graduated with Krikit - he used to swing dance with her.

Krikit: Yeah, back in Show Choir!

24: With a new release, are you constantly checking iTunes to see how it's doing?

DF: I checked it on the morning of the release and we were No. 2 on the Pop Album Charts at that time. It's our biggest debut yet for an album and its encouraging knowing that fans have stuck with us through thick and thin and member changes and different things that have been going on with the band. We just love it and really appreciate the fans.

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