Tips for quick travel


Transport Canada and the U.S. Transportation Security Administration have tightened security and travel regulations at airports across Canada and the States in the wake of a foiled Christmas Day terrorist attack on a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit.

New procedures for domestic and U.S.-bound flights have increased wait times and caused delays in Canadian airports since then, while holiday travellers have undergone enhanced screening, including security checks on electronic equipment and random, threat-based screening of travellers.

Follow these tips from to help make your journey as smooth as possible (a full list is available on their website):

* Pack compact: If your bag can't fit in the overhead compartment or has wheels, you can't bring it on your flight to the United States. If you're travelling within Canada, you can still bring two carry-on bags.

* Prepare for a pat-down: Transport Canada and the TSA have authorized gate crews to perform a pat-down of all passengers before they boarding a flight and check every carry-on item before you even sit down.

* Expect delays: Bring a book, your laptop and your patience. Getting to the airport early is also a good idea.