BiBo experience all about the imports

This chocolate pizza dessert can be yours if you go to BiBo.

This chocolate pizza dessert can be yours if you go to BiBo.

Just when you thought "imported" was becoming a four-letter word in the restaurant industry, along comes The BiBo restaurant (1835 W. 4th Ave.). Unlike most B.C. eating establishments that take justified pride in working with local ingredients, this new kid on the block is doing the complete opposite.

The BiBo menu - which includes plenty of pasta and pizza - is all about importing the very best authentic Italian ingredients from the motherland - cheese, olive oils, cured meats - you name it. They even imported the pizza maker, Salvatore Miele, brought in from Naples to ensure a truly Italian dining experience.

According to co-owner Lorenzo Bottazzi, it took a team of immigration lawyers to get Miele here in time for last week's grand opening. Well, it was worth the paperwork.

After sampling several slices of Miele's thin-crust, margherita pizza ($12) straight from his wood-burning oven, it's pretty clear the man is a pizza genius. It's not like any pizza I've ever tried in this city.

Did you know dry crust is pretty much a no-no in Naples? That's why The BiBo pizza is wet. Very wet. If you try to pick it up by the crust, it's gonna droop and slide. You either have to eat your slice of heaven with a knife and fork, or do as the Italians do and fold that sucker up and eat it almost as if it were a sandwich.

For dessert, can I just say WOW! The BiBo serves what I like to call a PMS dream come true - chocolate pizza ($14). Yes, ladies, we finally have the best of both worlds in one dish. God bless The BiBo.