Molly Sims designing baby products

Molly Sims (WENN.COM)

Molly Sims (WENN.COM)

Mom-to-be Molly Sims has turned to her fans for help in developing a new range of mother and baby products.

The model/actress is expecting her first child with film producer husband Scott Stuber next month, and she's planning to build on her business empire by launching a line of handy items for new mums and their children.

In a video message on her website, Sims says, "I have gone absolutely bananas shopping for binkies (pacifiers), blankets, basonettes (sic) and there are just so many baby products out there - but I have to say, they all kind of look alike.

"So I'll be expanding my brand with a line of products that are dear to my heart - and I need your help. I think moms today really crave style and want to look and feel beautiful. Also, moms like me are so busy these days I'll be looking for products that make life easier on mom so make sure to keep all that in mind when you're thinking about what your product could look like, or what problem it could solve.

"I cannot wait to be a mom and I can't wait to see your ideas - happy inventing and good luck!"